Absolutely not work safe links and a contest!

It’s equal opportunity NSFW time! First, from Gry, a translation of this link, Reklamerte for overfylt badebukse
… noen ganger kan det bli litt for mye pølse
from the original Norwegian:

Ad for over-filled swimming trunks … sometimes there can be too much

The German sportswear store might have selected slightly larger size for the

One of the readers of the Swiss online news page Blick.ch discovered the
potent ad picture in the web store of Sportcheck, a german sport equipment

One of the models is shown wearing a classical pair of swimming trunks from
Adidas. But, as the reader discovered, the trunks were either too small, or
the model had too much body. Alternatively, somone has screwed up rather
badly while photoshopping.

Oh, my. That’s some curious equipment, right there.

And, in case you’ve been curious about having crystals adhered to your hey-nanner-nanner, Melissa Marr has a link for all of you: I got vajazzled and brought a camera crew.

Ok, someone needs to write a Harlequin romance for these two, stat. The sports equipment man who can’t be contained by his trousers, and the bejeweled magic hoo hoo. In fact, I think we need a spontaneous contest, don’t you? Come up with a Harlequin romance title for these two, and the best one wins a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore of your choice. Ready set go – 24 hours until comments close!

And no, standard disclaimers apply: I’m not being compensated for my own giveaway, nor do I wear crystals on my ladyfingers while prancing on the beach in a banana hammock. Your mileage may vary.


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