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First: Are you in or around Connecticut? Mark 27 February at 12 noon and head on over to scenic and ebullient Fairfield, CT, for the Romance Revealed Workshop at the Fairfield Public Library. I’ll be on a panel talking about romance with Toni Andrews and Kristan Higgins. I’ll be the one trying not to squee like a fangirl.

The library event does require registration. For more information you can contact the Fairfield Public Library at 203-256-3160.

I hope you’ll come – library programs are awesome.

If that’s too far away, I recently did an interview with Scott Farrell, a very smart and interesting gentleman who hosts a website and podcast called Chivalry Today and the podcast is online now at:  Episode 38: Ideology of Chivalry. My part starts at about 54:50 into the hour and a quarter, but the first 50 minutes with Prof. Richard Kaeuper is all about religion, chivalry, and the role the church played in the development of chivalry. I’m talking about heroes, heroines, and codes of conduct, and what role chivalry plays in romance novels written today and back in the day.

Scott himself deserves some mad props because the poor man had to reschedule me multiple times due to my neverending cold, loss of voice, and tango with pneumonia. Thanks for the interview, Scott, and for your chivalrous patience. If you’re a medieval writer or history buff, his site is really well done.


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  1. 1
    Ashley Ladd says:

    Wish I was in Connecticut to attend your library event but since I’m not close I’m popping over to your podcast now.

    Pneumonia’s a bitch. Glad you’re better now.

  2. 2
    Stacia K says:

    Why don’t you ever do any of these events further south? Sigh.

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    Ditto to Sarah’s comments that “library programs are awesome.”  No matter what is happening in the world, I know that I can escape to a library to read, listen, and learn.

    Ditto to Stacie’s reply that events should be farther south … I add farther SW, across the Pacific, to the warm weather of the Hawaiian Islands (only state to not have snow).  Perhaps Paradise will cure Sarah (and readers) of their winter ailments!

    Thanks to Sarah for the link to Chivalry Today – it is a thought provoking website!

  4. 4
    SB Sarah says:

    If I could figure a way to do events in Hawaii without being all kinds of broke, I’d be ALL OVER THAT. BELIEVE YOU ME.

  5. 5
    Tawna Fenske says:

    Alas, Connecticut is pretty much as far from Oregon as you can get and still be in the continental U.S. I would kill to see this, too. Kristan Higgins and Sarah are both damn funny bitches, and though I’ve actually never heard of Toni Andrews, I’m going to march out now and find some of her books in case she’s even half as funny. Thanks for the teaser!


  6. 6
    Ashley V says:

    hey I live in Fairfield! lol I will have to check it out

  7. 7
    Katherine B. says:

    I listen to Chivalry Today! Interesting stuff, I had to buy some books to read up on some of the main figures he references often. Looking forward to it.

  8. 8
    Kim says:

    Should any romance fans find their way to Hawaii, just give me a holler!  I’ll help you find the bargains … and even give you a tour of the historic sights in Pearl Harbor!  But living in Paradise is a whole other story … have you heard of Furlough Fridays?  Traffic jams on the one interstate that transits Honolulu?  High costs for small housing with no AC?  And the VOG – fog like volcanic ash that interferes with everyone’s breathing?

    But there is nothing like reading a romance on a sandy beach!

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