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Pam Samuelson writes up the Proposed Amended Settlement Agreement with Google Books on HuffPo: Read on and educate yourself. 28 January is your deadline for opting out or protesting the settlement.

Julia Rachel Barrett interviewed me for her blog and asked me about writing, tv, reading, and vampires. Have a look-see.

And I got this really cool email from Harry about OKCupid, the dating site, keeping stats on how their users interact:

The online-dating service OkCupic has been keeping a blog, and on it they post stats about the way people behave on their site:  Who rates which pictures as attractive, who contacts who, who responds, which kinds of pictures get responses and which don’t.

For instance, this post compares the ratings hetero men and women give each other:

It seems that the men rate the women’s attractiveness along a basic bell curve, but the shape of the graph for women rating men is something very different.

They also went to the trouble of breaking down how men and women contacted each other by race and religion

And, as I mentioned above, which sorts of pictures get responses and which don’t.

Ok, that is COOL. I’m very fascinated by the ways in which people judge one another attractive -and how my type is not always the same type that cranks my friend’s motor. Or something.


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  1. 1

    I’m glad you liked the links. 

    Another interesting one was the breakdown by state of bathing frequency, but I thought a fourth link might trigger a spam alert or something.

  2. 2
    Linda Rader says:

    This was fascinating. It is the same old thing men and women do in person but it’s interesting to see it plotted on a graph. Women look for security and men for excitment in a partner. For the most part.

  3. 3
    Miranda says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. That post and the additional comments was the most nonsexual entertainment I have had in an evening in quite a while.

  4. 4
    SheaLuna says:

    The medical term for this is male pattern madness. (From the first OKCupid Link)

    Now THAT made me giggle.

  5. 5

    Oh, too fascinating! Not shocking, but my panties always get twisty over graphs so I’m all of a flutter.

    I’m a veteran of one of OkCupid’s earlier incarnations / acquisitions, and I owe them props for a fine marriage, plus a lovely bucket of assorted boyfriends, enjoyable dates, enjoyable mistakes, hilarious war stories, and many a life lesson I probably didn’t appreciate at the time. I also owe them just the tiniest fist-shake for a couple mind-numbing evenings, but happily no traumatic ones. You already gave me piles of willing men, OkCupid, now you give me infographics? Really, you’re too kind. Your attractiveness rating just shot up to Hasselhoff.

  6. 6
    SB Sarah says:

    Your attractiveness rating just shot up to Hasselhoff.

    Ow. Just snarfed my coffee.

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first to say this, but:  I am so glad I’m 40 and married!

    The standards are so freaking high for these young people!  It is sure going to be a lot different for my daughter and sons.

  8. 8
    SAO says:

    I don’t know, Kathy.I’m well over 40 and my observation was that high school and junior high was the same way, all the guys wanted to date the same small handful of girls.

    in real life, you get feedback from someone just for saying, hi. On-line, you can throw out a message and the cost to you is low. No one is going to see the eye-roll and sigh of the hot girl when she hits the delete button.

  9. 9
    Gwynnyd says:

    I have spent far too much time reading the OKCupid blogs.  That statistical stuff is amazing. Almost makes me wish I was looking, just so I could play with the actual questions.

    Great link!

  10. 10
    Alpha Lyra says:

    That OKCupid stuff is fascinating, but it’s also downright depressing. It confirms what I think most of us women already know, that those of us whose best assets are not visible on the surface are SOL. Women are willing to look beyond the packaging, but men, it seems, are not. Did you see the stats on race? Some entire demographics of women get the shaft, presumably because the American cultural standard of beauty doesn’t include them.

  11. 11
    Nadia says:

    Reading all that was so much more interesting than the house-cleaning I should have been doing.  I love “male pattern madness,” that’s sadly and hilariously true.  My best high school friend, who is still single at 42, has commented on the phenomena for over a decade – she lives in the OC, where she reports that every single man thinks he deserves a super-model.  And lesser women are just after their sperm and their money. 

    I’m fascinated also by the divergence of tastes when it comes to looks.  Of all the pictures of guys in the first link, I picked the blond with the green tie as the best looking, and he was rated below average.  IMO, he has it all over the two “hotties” at the top of the article.

  12. 12
    Kristina says:

    :-( I can’t read them at work.  But I’ll comment here to see y’alls craziness.  I did email myself at home so I can read later.  As a 30-something single chick I’m very interested and willing to adjust.  :0)  BTW, I accept set ups with brothers, nephews and grandsons.  Just, FYI.

  13. 13
    Kathy says:

    SAO: What I’m hearing from mothers of boys a little older than mine, is that it’s the GIRLS that are the aggressors.  I believe it—some of those girls scare ME!  I can’t imagine being a 14 year old boy confronted with some of these Lolitas.

    The statistical data from OKCupid is fascinating, but I kept thinking “what about people who just can’t sell themselves with a photo?”

    I am a notorious bad picture-taker.  I hate, hate, hate having my picture taken.  I feel awkward, on display and miserable when I have to pose.  But I’ve had my share of male attention, in the real world. 

    Then we all know people who are really attractive at first glance and after a little time spent in their company, you want to run for the hills.  It just seems like such an awful way to meet people.

  14. 14
    kmblush says:

    Sarah—read your interview and I am so over-the-moon excited that there is someone else out there who loves Lamb!  (the book, not the meat… although I do love lamb, too).

  15. 15
    Patsy says:

    I love the comparisons of race and religion.  It’s hilarious to me that Hindu women fair well with everyone except Hindu men, who don’t seem to like anybody.  Being a Hindu/Agnostic woman, I find that pretty true to life.

  16. 16
    SAO says:

    It struck me as some of their sample might be skewed. For example, if it is important for Jews, Muslims,  and Hindus to marry someone of their own religion, there might be better dating sites for them. Those cultures tend to have match-making services. So, the Jews for whom being Jewish is a valuable feature in a date might not be on OKCupid.

    That might be the main reason Hindus do worse with each other than anyone else. If they wanted a fellow Hindu, they wouldn’t be on OKCupid.

    So, to me, the religion data said more about OkCupid’s clients than truths about members of the various groups.

  17. 17
    LBennett says:

    Has anyone tried OkCupid lately?  Recommendations?

    Also, yay for Lamb—that is an excellent book.

  18. 18

    Hey thanks for sharing the links. The graphical structure is quite interesting. I love going through each post of your blog. It seems you enjoy writing and provide informations in a humoristic way

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