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There are some big plans on the horizon and the time has come to enter the land of excellence: internship! Below the fold are details on an internship opportunity for Smart Bitches and Dear Author. Feel free to forward, copy and paste and send to all and sundry (but be careful with sundry, as I hear she’s a bit wonky today).

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom. and, two of the leading romance novel blogs in operation today, are seeking an intern for the spring 2010 semester to assist with a variety of assignments. This internship offers experience in:

  * New media
  * Database administration
  * Content management
  * Community administration
  * Public relations
  * Promotion and marketing
  * Social networking

Duties and Responsibilities:

  * Serve as a point of contact for multiple social networking sites and participants
  * Community and organizational outreach
  * Assist bloggers in drafting postings, emails and other outreach materials
  * Develop innovative ideas for how to best engage our social networking site followers.
  * Research up-and-coming social network services
  * Sub-focus in online marketing
  * Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  * Preferred but not required knowledge of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
  * Preferred but not required knowledge of database administration and content management
  * Strong Communication skills in English (written and verbal)
  * Strong organizational skills

This internship is unpaid and is for 10-15 hours per week of work, schedule to be determined by mutual agreement. The busiest time for the task schedule will be late February and March, when extra hours may be possible, though never more than 20.

Dear Author and SBTB will work with university to establish college credit for work performed, but we make no guarantees. Open to students in the US and Canada only. (Sorry, awesome folks in other countries!) Applications are due by 25 January 2010. Please email with the following information to apply:

Your name
Your address (school please)
Current Graduation Date

Your experience and reason for your interest (150 words or less, please).

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  1. 1
    Betsy says:

    This sounds fabulous!  I’m a senior at Smith College, and the editor of the literary magazine here.  I’ve just sent an e-mail to the magazine staff to let them know about this opportunity—I would totally apply if I weren’t applying to grad school and writing a thesis right now.

  2. 2
    Carin says:

    The busiest time for the task schedule will be late February and March

    Does this mean the book tournament is on the way???  I hope so!

  3. 3
    SB Sarah says:

    You mean the DABWAHA? Oh, hells yes. One of the things we’ll need help with (ahoy intern!) is managing the tournament, which we loooove. LOVE.

  4. 4
    closetcrafter says:

    Wishin’ I was still in school…..

  5. 5
    Ness says:

    This is so amazing! Why can’t people outside of the US and Canada apply? Just for the opportunity, not the credits.

  6. 6
    Stacia K says:

    If only I knew someone of the right age to send your way…

  7. 7
    Sue says:

    Whyyyy am I not still in school?  This would be the greatest internship ever.

  8. 8
    Ellie says:

    This is fantastic! And as much as I want to hoard the information to myself, I will pass it on as I’m currently the opinion editor for the CU Independent, my school paper, and this is just the sort of internship that many of us journalism kids hope for. =]

  9. 9
    Patty says:

    If we’ve applied how will the contacting/employment process go?

  10. 10
    scribblingirl says:

    where were you guys twenty years ago :(

  11. 11
    Kayleigh says:

    *sigh* Wishing Scotland was the 51st state right now.

  12. 12
    Rebecca says:

    Too bad I Stumbled Upon this opportunity at midnight—for the west coast. :(

  13. 13
    Amy says:

    Hi, I was wondering how the contact process will go if we have already applied?

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