Friday Videos Say: Happy New Year Bald Headed Women

Monica sent this to me, and wrote, “We buried my aunt [recently], and when I posted it, [a friend] emailed me the link to his video. It’s got ‘tude just like I think you like it. *grin* I know my Mom (leukemia) and Aunt B (breast cancer) would have enjoyed the irreverent, kick ass attitude in this video.”

Amen to that. It’s a new year to kick cancer’s ass.


Friday Videos

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    Kitkat says:


  2. 2
    liz m says:

    I never wore a single wig. (The shampoo savings were amazing, I must say.)

  3. 3
    Anya Delvay says:

    Perfect way to kick off the New Year. Wishing the SBs, your families and readers all the love and laughter you can manage in 2010, and then a little more!

  4. 4
    PK the Bookeemonster says:

    I don’t know why—because this is such a fantasticly strong video—that I got all teary and the back of my throat hurt.  Thank you sharing that.

  5. 5
    Dena says:

    This is awesome – rocks and has feeling. 

    Did you all know about St. Baldrick’s?  It’s big event that has a bunch of people getting people signed up for donations, getting their heads shaved, and having a big bald-headed party in support for people who have or have had cancer.  The foundation funds childhood cancer research, and I wish they weren’t just focused on the kidlings (I’m not that interested in kidlings).

    I’m going to be a shavee this year – I’ve been growing my hair out for the occasion.  I’ll come back and beg for donations when we’re closer to shave day…

  6. 6
    quichepup says:

    Thanks for posting this one. I sent the link to a friend who’s mom was diagnosed a month ago. She just shaved her head in support and actually rocks the look.

  7. 7
    MissFifi says:

    I am one of the many who has lost a loved one to cancer and I am posting this on my facebook page because it is too brilliant not to share. thanks so much!

  8. 8
    Dena Hankins says:

    Okay- why wait, right?

    My name and this: Dena for St. Baldrick’s will take you to my donations page.  Please consider giving…

    And thanks, Smarties, for letting me beg on your blog!

  9. 9
    Marilyn says:

    OMG! That had me so teary! I’m a 2009 survivor!! My favorite line, I didn’t battle cancer, cancer battled me! Amen, sisters, amen!

  10. 10
    Amanda in Baltimore says:

    Dena – check your link, I could not reach your page.  AWESOME video.

  11. 11
    Annmarie says:

    I love it!

    SO many great lines.

    Sharing everywhere!

  12. 12
    Rene says:

    I’m a survivor, though the type of cancer I had didn’t have me losing my hair.  It got thin and brittle due to the chemo but it never completely fell out.

    I took chemo with a lot of women who rocked a bald look and I thought it was awesome! Most of my chemo was in the wintertime so many of them wore beautiful scarves.  Part of me was jealous – I wanted an excuse to wear such great scarves too! 

    Spamword: many59

    Here’s to all the many women who have kicked cancer’s ass!  We rock!

  13. 13
    Dena Hankins says:

    Ah…let’s see if this works…and thanks for the heads-up!


  14. 14
    Rhonni says:

    Awesomeness was the proper tag for this. I’m a 6 year survivor of breast cancer, and thankful every day.

    My personal style recommendation is a leather cowboy hat rather than a scarf … no one asks you why you’re bald when wearing a leather cowboy hat.

    Now off to post this on my facebook page as well …

  15. 15
    Monica Burns says:

    Sarah, you Rawk!  There’s a woman on this video that looks a great deal like my mom. My mom didn’t hide her bald head, and during her first remission when it started to grow back, we called it her Susan Powter look. Cancer is a demon we can fight, and since a couple of folks are tossing up donation links. I hope you don’t mind me posting a link to my cousin’s Half-Ironman page. Robyn is raising cancer research money in honor of my Mom and her friend Andre.

    This video, like the Pink Gloves video, brought laughter and tears to me. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW – I don’t know if your verification image is always the same, but mine is Research33. That’s one kick ass word and if you’re a numerology buff. Three is a powerful number!

  16. 16
    Carolyn says:

    This video brought back so many memeories of my mother whose attitude personifide this video.  The first time she lost her hair we had a shave party, with her going first.  She was feeling out of control with her hair falling out.  I suggested that she could shave it off instead of waiting for it to fall out.  It was the best thing for her, it gave her control of her cancer.  The girls cut their hair short, her grandsons shaved their heads, we made a cherished memory out of a live altering tragedy.  Thank you for sharng I laughed and cried, and am too putting it on my facebook page.  Happy New Year!

  17. 17
    Kristin says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this.  I have a dear friend in a probably losing battle with cancer right now and I love this.

  18. 18
    Deanna says:

    I’ve loved Saffire and Gaye since I discovered them years ago.  I’m rather found of the song “Big Ovaries.”  These days, “Bareback Rider” amuses me.

  19. 19
    Irene says:

    The worst part of the chemo was holding 18 inches of highlighted hair in my hand…again and again for three days before it was all gone.  My hair was inportant to me, but living is far more important.
    I have one of the 43 types of lymphoma, am in remission currently.

    Loved this song, loved the attitude…thank you for posting it.

  20. 20
    Irene says:

    That’s “important”.  Aaargh!

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