50% Off ALL eBooks at AllRomanceeBooks and OmniLit.com

Looking for an alternative to Amazon since Amazon has yanked Macmillan books due to price wars and the future of ebook prices with the announcement of the iPad after Macmillan signed with Apple to put its books in the ibookstore?

AllRomanceeBooks.com  and OmniLit.com have a special offer for you this weekend only. I kid you not: 50% off every title in the store this weekend only. NO REALLY. They may not have everything but boy howdy they’ve got a lot. Thank you, folks! Let’s go shopping, shall we?

The rules: You will receive 50% off on all titles purchased on AllRomanceeBooks.com and OmniLit.com through this weekend if they use the code SBTBARe1.

The discount will only appear once the code is entered in the shopping cart and the “Calculate Discount” button is selected. This offer expires at midnight 31 January 2010, 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time.

And here’s a spiffy note from Lori James, CEO of AllRomanceeBooks: “We will be paying publishers based on the Full Retail price for this promotion, so the discount will not affect Publisher commissions or author royalties.” SAY WHAT!

Disclaimers: I’m not earning commission from these links, and I haven’t read every one of the titles and authors I mention. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.

You ready? Let’s GO SHOPPING.

How about G.A. Aiken’s Dragon books? I confess to having a total squishy love for them. They’re like campy fairy tales with violence and fierce women and kickassingness everywhere. I even re-read them, which is rare for me.

If you’re in the mood for historical, check out Laura Kinsale’s Lessons in French. At half the price, that’s $3.49. Want some knit-kit? Spinning Forward by Terri DuLong is available and half off that book is some big savings. I haven’t read it but have heard lovely things about it. Craving mystery? Lori Armstrong’s new hardcover, No Mercy, is $25, or $12.50 with discount, and they have a ton of Charlaine Harris’ Shakespeare series featuring Lily Bard. (I loved the Shakespeare series. Talk about damaged heroine. Holy hell).

Curious about Rachel Vincent’s series? Both of them, from packs to banshees? Buy the whole set at half off. Wanted to check out the Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series? Here’s a good chance to buy two where you might have only bought one. (I might as well be writing that paragraph to myself, yo).

And hey, some books are available to gift to other people, so if you’d like to spread the half-off lovin’ around, give someone a book this weekend. LOVE the gifting option.

Thank you to AllRomanceeBooks and OmniLit for offering the discount – this is way awesome.

So, whatcha buying?


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  1. 1
    Alessia Brio says:

    Awesome opportunity to snag one of the Coming Together charity anthologies for half price!  ARe has waived its commission on these titles, so 100% of the LIST price goes to charity.

    As noted in ARe’s most recent Wildfire newsletter, Coming Together has two available titles which benefit recovery efforts in Haiti: 2010’s INTO THE LIGHT and 2005’s HURRICANE RELIEF EDITION

    In addition, each purchase of AL FRESCO preserves half an acre of rainforest.

    Take a sip of the erotic cocktail, and celebrate the diversity of desire.

    (Yes, it’s shameless whoring—but it’s for a damned fine cause!)

  2. 2

    So glad I caught this!  I was just taking down my Amazon links on my book pages. (Haven’t had any love for Amz since LONG before ebooks and the Kindle, so it’s no skin off my nose.)

    This will be a GREAT replacement!

    Thank you Lori and Omnilit!  And SBSarah too, as always!


  3. 3
    SB Sarah says:

    You wanna pimp your books, ones you’ve written or ones you liked? Bring it on – we got a 50% off party to throw until midnight tomorrow.

    WHEN DO I HAVE TIME TO SHOP?! No idea. I think tonight I drink wine and order ebooks.

  4. 4

    I think this is a terrific idea. In support of the effort I’ve asked Allromanceebooks to offer my M/M contemporary novel A BIT OF ROUGH as a free download for the weekend. No commission for anyone just a free read for romance lovers!

    Laura Baumbach

  5. 5
    KimberlyD says:

    Sarah, maybe I’m doing something wrong. But I’m at All Romance and I put the code into the discount box and pressed the “Calculate Discount” button. And I’m not getting any sort of discount at all, much less 50% off. Am I doing something wrong or could there be a glitch with the code? Thanks!

  6. 6

    Super cool, Sarah! Let the mega-corporate types waste time tusslin’, I’m going to go buy some books!  I’ve been meaning to grab some Cassie Ryan titles and glad you mentioned Jasper Fforde, my all-time fave and haven’t read them all.
    Meanwhile, would love to see this as a chance for readers to check out my books.  My genie romance The Third Wish is there and is the first in the Shadow of Esagil series, as well as Saturnalia, a short sizzling tale of desperation, desire, and wishes fulfilled (another genie tale without the rug burn) ; >
    gotta go do some buyin’ & reading!!

  7. 7

    Wow, this is awesome!! I’ve never seen my books discounted anywhere.  Hope this is okay!

    Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Red-Hot Read for Feb 2010:

    Cosmo Red-Hot Read of June 2009:

  8. 8
    KimberlyD says:

    Ok nevermind *blushes* Copy and paste does not work. However, typing the code in myself DID work. Thanks! Off to read some Heyer (whom I’d never heard of before SBTB but now I LOVE her!)

  9. 9
    Beau says:

    we seem to have crashed the site… ?

  10. 10
    SonomaLass says:

    Just trying to fix the code.

  11. 11
    Spider says:

    I got the 2 Dahls I didn’t have (I had Talk Me Down and the ‘western by Holly Summers’ one), so Go, Contemporaries! And then I picked up two SciFi-Romances that sounded interesting.

    SciFi/Fantasy was my first love, but time-travels and paranormals (back 15 years ago when there weren’t as many) bridged the gap for me to romances.

  12. 12
    library addict says:

    Going broke “saving” money – LOL. 

    Hmm, maybe that’s why the site kept giving me an error message whenever I clicked on continue shopping from the shopping cart

  13. 13
    Ros says:

    I’m trying to buy Laura Kinsale’s Seize the Fire, but it only seems to be available in Microsoft eBook form?  I like my Adobe Digital Editions, which doesn’t seem to be available.  Am I missing something?

  14. 14
    lorenet says:

    Thanks for the discount info.  However, that was painful.  I will not be ordering from them again.  I can’t figure out how to get the books on my iPod touch, so now I am stuck reading the Sandra Hill books (the Cajun Cowboy, Red-Hot Cajun, Viking in Love and Viking Heat) on my laptop.  Bummer.  This is what people don’t understand about Amazon.  They make it painless to order books.

    More power to Amazon in their battle with the publishers.

  15. 15

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip! I’m going shopping!

  16. 16
    Rexe says:

    @lorenet – Never fear!  It’s not quite as complicated as it seems.  If you download the Stanza app for your iPod Touch you can follow the instructions on their site for transferring your files:


    Good luck!

  17. 17
    misti says:

    Ouch. I had a list of 9 books I wanted to purchase and then I realized that they might not all be in the format I want (kindle-ready). Cue the painful process of going back to each book’s page to see the formats they’re available in. This site is SLOW. I had to cut back to just 3 books.

    Does anyone know if there’s any way to filter it so you only see the books in the format you want?

  18. 18

    Go forth and shop! I know I will. I’m very fond of ARe, and they’re very author-friendly.

    Second Alessia’s push of the Coming Together titles. (Of course I hope you’ll check out mine too.)

  19. 19
    Lori James says:

    @lorenet – if you contact us, we’ll be happy to help you. You can use the form at the bottom of our website to send in a support request or email service @ allromanceebooks.com.

    If you’re wanting to read on an iPhone or iPod touch, you can do so using the Stanza app, but the only secure format that’s compatible is the secure eReader. Rexe already posted some info on the app, but we’d be happy to walk you through it and discuss your options. We carry thousands and thousands of eBooks that would be compatible with your iPhone.

    @misti – If the book is available on our site in non-secure Adobe, non-secure Mobipocket, or non-secure HTML, we can wirelessly send it to your Kindle. If you go to our FAQ and search the work “Amazon” you’ll find set-up instructions for the transfer process. Or you can contact customer service.

    Lori James
    All Romance eBooks, LLC

  20. 20
    Suze says:

    WOOT!  Or //()()+!, or however that goes.  15 books for $25, including the new Laura Kinsale, and I am SET for the next couple of weeks.  Yay!  And thank you!

    It was a pretty slow site, though.  Too many bitches on it?

    Just in case anybody’s reading who has a stake in it, it would be very, very helpful to see the available formats of the books BEFORE I bought them.  And it would sure be nice if I could browse by author.

  21. 21
    Lori says:

    Awesome and thank you. Just bought Laura Kinsale’s not to mention bunches more. And no downloadng problems here.

  22. 22
    Deanna says:

    I knew when I saw this post that it was going to be painful.  $105 *after* the discount.

    My hulu.com watching buddy laughed at me.

  23. 23
    Lori James says:


    I’m sorry you experienced some slowness while you were on. We’ve had unprecedented traffic today and several of the publishers have anxiously been running sales reports. You can see the available file formats prior to purchase, they are listed on the book detail page. And you can browse by author. The search box has a drop down menu next to it. You can switch out the selection to browse by author, title, publisher or series. Additionally, once you find one book by an author you like, his/her other titles are just a click away. There’s a hot link on the detail page that will take you to the author page where you can view all titles. If you purchased 15 books, you probably earned a Buy-10-Get-1 Free code. It will be at the bottom of your library. Check for it, they expire after 10 days. Looks like you have 1 more book to buy, only that one will be on us.

    Lori James
    All Romance eBooks

  24. 24
    diremommy says:

    The only problem I had today was one book I bought was just code- gobble dee gook, un-readable. I sent a support request, hopefully I her back soon.

    Did anyone else buy Fortune Cookie Magic book one? Was it screwy for anyone else, or just my dumb luck?

  25. 25
    Ahlison says:

    The advantage of logging on in the middle of the night!  I had no problems with the site and managed to complete my collection of Julia Spencer-Fleming (I got hooked on the first two free books and read the remainder at my library).  Once I got my Adobe drm working with my Sony reader everything was fine.

    Thanks Sarah and everyone at OmniLit!

  26. 26
    Rebecca says:

    Great offer, but I am being driven mad by the slow response of the website. It took almost 30 minutes of constantly retrying to get back to my cart to check out. While I did order a number of books (19), I have been trying for 40 minutes to download the books. I cannot get any pages on the site to load. Ack! Everyone must be trying the late night trick.

  27. 27
    SB Sarah says:

    I think the slowness is entirely my fault – everyone is logging on to buy books, so blame me. Sorry about that.

  28. 28
    Edie says:

    Took me a little while, but I managed to get in and get four Mandy M Roth books, a Shannon Stacey, Bianca D’Arc, Lauren Dane, a Shiloh Walker, some Maya Banks, and a bootload more.
    My CC is slightly cranky, but I couldn’t resist the bargain!

    “let72” if the site had been working slightly better I would have probably let my cart get to 72 books..

  29. 29

    Amazing opportunity!  While I twiddle my thumbs waiting for Amazon to Kindlize my latest, [i]The Bride and the Buccaneer is available on sale at AllRomance!

    Thank you, AllRomance and OmniLit and a huge thank you to the Smart Bitches!!!

  30. 30

    Thanks for the offer, Sarah!

    One of my chaptermates just shared a link to what I suspect is an excellent post by Tobias Buckell about the current poopstorm brewing between Amazon and Macmillan.

    As an ebook author I feel duty-bound understand everything that goes down in the electronic publishing biblioverse, but I simply don’t. Stuff like this makes my jutting lip quiver until merciful folks like Buckell come along and cut it all up into chewable bites for me.

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