Tis the Season for Giveaways

Heather gave me the heads up about a spiffy giveaway going on today at SFR: they’re giving away autographed books among other literary offerings to folks who leave a comment a network of book review blogs. Hey, it’s December, there’s gift giving and there’s the post office – what more could you wish for?

Details at Galaxy Express/ Science Fiction Romance.

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    Thanks for the mention!

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    scribblingirl says:

    Not fair that it is limited to U.S. residents only **waahh**

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    Ella Drake says:

    The two print books, FALLEN & GUARDIAN by Claire Delacroix posted on my blog for the SFR Blitz are now also available to Canadian and UK residents.  Also, several ebooks are also in the contest.  Those are available internationally.  One of these is also up for grabs on my blog.  Hearts Afire: December by me & Elise Logan and Emily Ryan-Davis.

    Hope you’ll check out the Blitz.

    And thanks for mentioning the Blitz, Sarah.

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    I should mention that my ebook, ‘On Wings Rising’, through Cathy Pegau’s blog:

    Is available to readers *any*where.

    Can I pimp a giveaway of two of my print books, this time to Australian-based readers?

    So there are two chances for non-USA readers to win!

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    To make it easy for readers to claim a science fiction romance of their very own
    document destruction

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