Humble Pie, The WInners!

Thanks to Samhain, for giving away ten books that are now all available wherever you live, including in the US, hooray!

Without further ado, or adieu, or achoo, here are, thanks to the random number generator, teh winnahs!

Stacy W. 11/10 8:05 am

Erin 11/10 9:26 am
Erin T. 11/10 9:28 am
Stacey P. 11/10 10:56 am
Booklover1335 11/10 11:03 am
Tamara 11/10 2:44 pm
Katie M. 11/10 3:35 pm
Ana 11/10 6:20 pm
Lauren 11/10 7:31 pm
Ruzz02a 11/10 11:53 pm

Please email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom with your book choice, the format you prefer, and please, put “Samhain contest” in the subject line. I’ll forward the replies over to Sam Hain (cousin to Sam Adams, which is SO not Shiner Bock) and you’ll get your books. If you don’t know which one to pick, I read “Sunset Knight” on the plane today, and it was a simple, sweet, and scorching sexual story – I’m working on my review now. If you like heroines who are learning to be brave and to ask for what they want, and heroes hold people at a distance for reasons they don’t want to look to closely at, and some rather steamy sex, you might like this one.

Thanks for entering!

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