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HaBO: Amazon Headhunters

No, they’re not looking to hire you away for a job at – they’re looking for your head. Or the heroine’s head. Adrienne read a romance from the YA section and can’t remember the title – but wow, does it have some crazy plot:

I am looking for the name of a romance novel I read when i was in high
school. It was in the young adult section of our library, and so its pretty
tame. An american girl goes to the amazon in brazil to meet her father. Her
father is the CEO of some company doing foresting or something in the
amazon, but he’s an honest person although other people in the company are
not, and so they’re trying to get rid of him. She flies into the jungle
supposedly to meet him, and then is abandoned there by the same group that
has kidnapped her father.

A scientist/guide/environmentalist/hunk finds her
and she tags along with him, but he hates her because of the
terrible/illegal things her fathers company are doing (which kidnapped
father doesnt’ know about). At one point, a boa constrictor nearly kills
her, I think headhunters might show up at one point, and she tries to drink
the water from the amazon river even though he told her it will make her
sick. They find the father, spring him, fall in love, the end. I think the
title might include the word “paradise.”

Is it me or is this almost “Romancing the Stone” only with environmentalist hero instead of parrot-selling Michael Douglas hero?



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  1. 1
    AnnB says:

    How did I miss this? I really hopes someone knows what this is because I want to read this big book of crazy!

  2. 2
    phinea says:

    I know I read this book! No clue what it is though

  3. 3
    Elyssa Papa says:

    This sounds a lot like Jill Barnett’s Just A Kiss Away, but that novel is set in the South Pacific.

    Another candidate might be Heart of Fire by Linda Howard

    AAR also has a list of romances with atypical settings found here.

  4. 4
    Linz Hill says:

    Let me guess, traveler’s diarrhea does not feature prominently in this book after the heroine drinks from the Amazon?  It would take a pretty good writer to turn THAT scenario into romantic material.

  5. 5
    BevQB says:

    Linz, Jean Johnson did it in The Sword! Yep, the hero and heroine bonded over a mutual bout of diarrhea (am I the only one that has to look up the spelling of that?). I guess once you spend the day watching someone run back and forth to the bathroom and (presumably) get past checking out that red arse ring from the toilet seat, you’re ready to spend your lives together.

    Seriously though, The Sword is book 1 in her Sons of Destiny series (aka book crack) and these people DO use the bathroom.

  6. 6
    Sheila says:

    Reminds me of Last of the Mohicans with a happier ending… but then just about anything would be happier than that ending.

    Sorry, no clue about the book though, curious to find out.

  7. 7
    Linz Hill says:

    Wow, that sounds like a pretty good turnaround from very unsexy to romantic bonding. I actually have read a young adult book that had a related scenario – the heroine came down with Montezuma’s Revenge in a big way, which not only got her sympathy from the hero, but also helped her shave off a couple pounds ;)

    I managed to spell ‘diarrhea’ on my 4th try . . . but in my defense, I swear that, in Canadian or UK English, there was an ‘o’ and the ‘h’ was somewhere else . . . Also, ‘traveller’ got the red underline of doom too. Spell checkers spell the doom of Canadian English spelling, I swear!

    I’m guessing that I’m not the only avid reader that occasionally looks at the back cover blurb and goes “Oh REALLY? Can this author possibly be slick enough to create enough ‘suspension of disbelief’ to make that plot machination fly?” . . . and then buys the book for that reason . . .

  8. 8
    Throwmearope says:

    Not Heart of Fire by Linda Howard.

    I thought maybe Dark Fire by Elizabeth Lowell but I don’t recall drinking yucky water or a boa constrictor.  But there is a mega zillionaire father and an irritated hero and heroine who is worried about his motives. 

    From Amazon:  Cindy is worried about her business partner and best friend’s disappearance in Ecuador, so she travels to Quito to find her. Because her wealthy, powerful father insists that she hire a guide, she reluctantly retains the extremely macho Trace, who views her as a spoiled American princess with too much money and no sense. She doesn’t know that her father has offered Trace an astronomical amount of money, and neither knows that Cindy’s father is hoping that Trace will seduce his daughter. He’s bribed men before in the hope of grandchildren. Trace pushes Cindy to the limits of her endurance to make her give up and go home, while fighting his desire for her. Thanks to her father’s meddling, Cindy has doubts about her attraction to men. Sparks and steam abound when these two get together, but will it last?

    Sorry if not what you’re looking for.

  9. 9
    krsylu says:

    I am looking for the name of a romance novel I read when i was in high
    school. It was in the young adult section of our library, and so its pretty

    Um, did Jill Barnett, Linda Howard, and Elizabeth Lowell ever write YA fiction?

  10. 10
    Lindsay says:

    Romancing the Stone is a great, great movie. That is all.

  11. 11
    JennyME says:

    What about Paradise by Cheryl Zach? She’s written historicals (as Nicole Byrd), but used to write YA.

    I found this blurb about it on ABE:

    On a desperate quest to find her father, a missing business tycoon, Ana, a beautiful heiress, ventures into the lush wilderness of the tropical rain forest, accompanied by rugged Brad Eliot, a handsome American working to save the endangered rain forests.

  12. 12
    Jen says:

    I was obsessed with this book when I was 12! Before I started finding romance novels in the adult section and was still browsing for cursive fonts in the YA category. I remember my older sister picked it up when I wasn’t looking one day, opened straight to a make-out scene, and made fun of me mercilessly in front of my parents that night at dinner. (But now she borrows all my romance novels, so she came around. :))

    I think JennyME may be correct – Paradise by Cheryl Zach sounds right.

  13. 13
    Michael Eden says:

    I just want to say how happy a random mention of Romancing the Stone just made me, and I suddenly got very sad that there aren’t more Romance Novelist Heroines in movies…. In fact, is Romancing the Stone the only one?

  14. 14
    SusannaG says:

    Well, there’s Jewel of the Nile, which was the sequel.  Not as good, in my book.

  15. 15
    Laura says:

    This book is Paradise by Cheryl Zach!!  I LOVE THIS BOOK! It was my first ever romance and I have a copy!  For sure, Paradise.  The heroine’s name is Ana Puentez.

  16. 16
    Laura says:

    I just had to run and get the book.  It’s copyrighted 1994 by Harper YA Paperbacks.

    This is the back:

    “Ana, the beautiful daughter of a missing business tycoon, is on a desperate mission.  Certain that her father is in terrible danger, Ana must find him.  Neither the steamy vastness of the tropical rain forest nor the warnings of arrogant Brad Eliot can stop her. 

    Brad, a rugged American working to save the rainforest, scorns Ana’s wealth and innocence.  Compelled to protect the headstrong heiress, Brad is shocked by the passion that Ana ignites within him.

    Can Ana and Brad – brought together by fate – survive their deadly journey into the jungle?”

    I hope she finds this book and reads it again – it’s even better in adulthood!

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