Fairfield CT Library Romance Panel Postponed

Kristan Higgins, Toni Andrews and I were scheduled to appear on a panel all about romance writing and reading next weekend at the Fairfield Public Library in Fairfield, CT. The panel was set for 14 November but it’s been postponed until February 2010.

I’m bummed, though I totally understand how scheduling craziness works. I will have to wait to unleash my quiet squeeing at poor Kristan, but when I have the updated dates, I’ll let you know.


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  1. 1
    SilverMiko says:

    Aw man!! That’s 20 minutes from me and Fairfield is lovely!!!!

    I’ll definately have to go in Feb. then!

  2. 2
    Suzanne Rossi says:

    Toni was my first critique partner. If she’s going to be on a panel, it’s guaranteed to be lively. Wish I could be there.

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