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HaBO: Steamy Cover Art

Tiffany remembers the cover, but not the title – and is this one humdinger of a cover, too

I don’t know if this is asking the impossible….but I am looking for a
book that I read about 12 years ago, and I have no idea what it is called or
who wrote it. I only remember the picture on the cover (and very little of
the story, which is why I wanted to reread it). I remember that it was a
pretty sexual story (which is why when I googled the stuff I remembered I
found your blog!). Anyway, the cover is black with a black and white picture
of a tunnel. There is woman leaning against the wall of the tunnel with one
knee bent and her foot on the wall, and a man on his knees with his face
between her legs. The picture looks older, like a snapshot from France in
the 20’s or something (from what I remember). I wish I could remember more.
Anyway, if you have any idea I would appreciate any info!

Anyone remember that image? Holy cow does that sound memorable!


Help a Bitch Out

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    Brooks*belle says:

    Wow! That is one unforgettable image on that book.  Rowr!

    Good detective work Raquel! =)

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    Tracy Wolff says:

    I love Anais Nin—considered doing my Master’s thesis on her, in fact.  Good job, Raquel!!!

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    The image is actually from the film Henry and June, and the book is a compilation of certain sections of the diaries of Anaïs Nin detailing her relationship with Henry Miller. Really fascinating to read.

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    Deb says:

    During the 1920s & 30s, Nin wrote pornography for a dollar a page for a “wealthy patron.”  A lot of it has been collected.  “Delta of Venus” and “Spy in the House of Love” are the names of two collections.  It seems rather tame by today’s standards, but was something new and different at the time.

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    Julie says:

    I only remember the picture on the cover (and very little of
    the story…

    *snort* Am I the only one who thinks Nin is over-rated? Maybe I’m just not easily shocked any more.

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    beggar1015 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Nin is over-rated?

    No, you’re not. A while back I got a couple of her books because a) wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and b) they were on sale. I’m still wondering what all the fuss was about.

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    Mireya says:

    That’s Henry and June, based on Anais Nin diaries.  I read her diaries after I watched the movie (the picture in the cover is from the actual movie)

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    kaigou says:

    Heh all I needed to see was “woman in a tunnel with a man between her legs” and I said ANAIS NIN!

    Wow, if only every book cover was so memorable, eh.

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    kinseyholley says:

    I haven’t read her since I was a teenager almost 30 years ago, but I remember being underwhelmed.

    I think the reason is that by today’s standards – even the standards of the early 80s – she seems tame.  But when you consider her in the context of her own time – even though her erotica was published in the 70s, I think – she was quite shocking. I also think Nin is so well known because of her personal life – very bohemian, lots of lovers and later polyandrous.  Also, and this isn’t meant as a disparagement, I think she became famous for her relationships with many well known men of art and letters.  Her diaries are considered valuable for their views on these men that might not otherwise be available (I’m not totally talking out of my ass here, but I haven’t read her, or about her, in a really long time).

    I was real unimpressed with Henry Miller’s stuff when I read it, too.  Much less shocking today than in his own time and if I remember, also kinda gross.

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    Tiffany says:

    Thank you!!!

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