She Came, She Read, She Twittered

Heather Osborn, editor at Tor, and also individual of all around general awesome,  likes to tweet her reactions to the upcoming Harlequin titles. She sent me the full list so those of you who aren’t on Twitter can enjoy, too.

RIPPED! – He who smelt it, dealt it.

THE SHARPSHOOTER’S SECRET SON – Proof he wasn’t shooting blanks, I guess.

THE SHEIKH’S FORBIDDEN VIRGIN   – Spoiler Alert! She’s 8.

KEPT FOR HER BABY – But rejected for her sass.


HIS HOUSEKEEPER BRIDE – Methinks a male fantasy slipped in when no-one was looking.

THE OILMAN’S BABY BARGAIN – Free tank of gas with every diaper change!


THE SHEIK AND THE BOUGHT BRIDE – Yay, she’s finally 18!

HEARTS IN THE CROSSHAIRS – Asses in the hot tub.

ETA: I forgot something! My bad. Heather is racing for the Bosoms of the World this weekend in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in New York City to benefit breast cancer treatment and research. Her goal was $500 and boy did she knock the crap out of that one. She’s on her way to $1000.00 by Sunday. If you’d like to learn more or donate to sponsor Heather, who BETTER TWEET FROM THE RACE is all I’m saying, you can read all about it at her Race for the Cure page. Go Heather and go bosoms!



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  1. 1
    Chicklet says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! It’s like MST3K up in here.

  2. 2
    Lita says:


    I keep meaning to ask, but what’s your Twitter id? 

    (Twitter id – Dreadnought)

  3. 3
    Beki says:

    LOL!  I want to be Heather’s friend, too!

  4. 4
    Jennifer says:

    I hate Twitter, but this is awesome.

  5. 5
    Kate Hewitt says:

    As the author of The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, even I can laugh at this. But FYI, she’s 12, ok? ;)

  6. 6

    Thanks for being such a good sport, Kate! I do so love all the wacky Harlequin titles. And they do their job, because I have definitely bought based on titles alone!

  7. 7

    Could you pass out some towels to wipe off our monitors screens with this post!  This was hilarious!!! Now I gotta go wipe up coffee….

  8. 8
    Ulrike says:

    Apparently, Sheiks are chic this season. :-D

  9. 9
    Tina S says:

    LOL. This reminds me-I was in Wal-Mart and my family didn’t let me go to the book section because we were in a hurry (jerks) and I was following them, saying (LOUDLY), “But I have to get The Billionaire Playboy Sheik’s Sexy Virgin Baby Mama”, and then I saw the real titles later.

    I was nearly hysterical, but the look on the guy’s face who walked past as I practically shouted out the title-which I was trying to make as silly as possible-was absolutely priceless.

  10. 10
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