Don’t Forget Harlequin’s Freebie Friday

Book CoverShopping for weekend reading? Take a look at this week’s Harlequin Freebie Friday offer and see what you can get for free, cheezy bread, free: Someone Like Her by Janice Kay Johnson.

Every Friday, it’s free stuff time at Harlequin. Question: if you go to the Harlequin Offices in Toronto, do you get free office supplies on Friday? I must test this out.


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    Eilis Flynn says:

    I now know a couple of people in Toronto … I keep wondering if I could get a tour of HQ HQ!

  2. 2
    SonomaLass says:

    Oh yes, the cover where she’s watering his foot… at least, until he moves his hand, and then I bet she waters something else.

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