Winner Winner, Sex on a Plane!

Hot Under Pressure CoverTime to announce tonight’s Save the Contemporary winners!

Our blog/email winner, who will receive a LUSH Bath bomb, a Harlequin bag, and a set of both books, is Moth, who emailed a whole bunch of folks about the books today.

And our Twitter winner is: Janoda!

Book CoverRemember – there are more winners every day! At 9pm EST, two winners a day will be chosen from those who Twitter about the Save the Contemporary campaign (#stc) and from those who blog about or email the contest entry. To email, simply forward the details to a friend using the “Email This Page” link at Save the , or email us at sbj.contests @ with a link to your blog entry. The more times you forward the details of this giveaway, the greater chance you have of winning.  For the Tweet campaign, use the “Share This”  and twitter the contest link, along with whatever you want to say about contemporary category romances—but don’t forget the #stc tag!


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  1. 1
    Mama Nice says:

    Congrats winners!

    I’m so inspired by all the winalicious lurve around here.

  2. 2
    Jan Oda says:

    I’m very glad I won, thanks SmartBitches and DearAuthor for the great innitiative.
    I’ve had a category addiction since I got a big box of 70’s Harlequin books from my grandmother. They were very very wrong, with the typical ‘oops I thought you weren’t a virgin so I raped you’ storylines. Luckily that has changed by now.

    I also changed to the English versions recently, because I got tired from the translated versions where they cut all the references to American culture, and that often hurt the story.

    My personal category recommendation would be ‘Just a Litlle Fling’ by Julie Kistler, it’s an oldie (because we are terribly behind in Belgium), but it’s deliciously funny.

    Thanks again! and good luck to all the others!

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