Kindle vs. Book: A Showdown

Keep your eye on the Green Apple Books blog for a continued video series pitting paper books against the Kindle. Hilarity promises to ensue more than it has ever ensued before. [Thx to Judy for the link.]

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    Beth Gray says:

    This was very interesting, thanks.

  2. 2
    Mama Nice says:

    Nice to see the poor man’s David Arquette is getting some work.

    You know all those disclaimers came from the fact that somewhere, somehow, a yahoo got injured.

  3. 3


    That is all.

  4. 4
    Julia Hunter says:

    Hee hee—too funny.

    I have to admit, I looooove my Kindle2.

  5. 5
    Lauren says:

    Ah, see now I thought this a little hilarious because I’m sort of resistant to the Kindle as I am deepy infatuated with paper books.
      I read constantly on the computer when not reading a book and I’ve got to say, there’s a sort of charming comfort to feeling the paper beneath my fingers as I turn a page and the weight of the book in my hand.
      Granted, there is the convenience of having many books stored in one electronic reader, especially for someone like me who devours books like they’re a delicious pastry. 
      I think the main thing about my whole slight resistance to a Kindle/E-Readers is my silly, slight paranoid worry that it will someday make paper books obscelete.

  6. 6

    Loved it—very funny.
    And while Kindles are uber-sexy (want!!) , the video points out one of my biggest issue with the Kindle and a number of the e-readers-price. For 350.00 I bought a new netbook that does so much more. With the little money I have to spare, I can’t afford to spend it on something that is a one trick pony.

    If they get the price closer to reasonable some day,  I’d get one.

  7. 7
    Lorene Tolleson says:

    I sense a bias on the part of the flim makers.  I remember when I moved and sold my DTB’s I never got anthing close $80 for my all books.  It wasn’t worth it to drive the 40 miles to the used book store to attempt to sell the books.  I gave up after a couple of runs.  It was depressing.

  8. 8
    Mary Beth says:

    @Sharon expressed my feelings about the e-readers perfectly. In fact, I have always been vehemently opposed to owning an e-reader but when asked could never really articulate why. Her comment about it being a “one trick pony” made the light bulb go on over my head.

    And what @Lauren said. What happens if there are no more paper books???

    Society and civilization will collapse, I tells ya!!

  9. 9
    Jessica G. says:

    @Sharron – that time might come soon. Looks like Sony is coming out with a new Reader (called the PRS300) that’ll be $199.

    I just bought a netbook also (for actually cheaper than my Sony) and as much as I love it, if I had to pick it would be my Reader I would keep. But no one said I had to choose, muahaha!

  10. 10

    No only do I like the feel of a printed book in my hands I love, LOVE the smell of books!  Unless Kindle has a scratch-n-sniff feature that gives me the scent of a printed book, I don’t want it. I’m weird that way.

  11. 11

    @ Jessica
    Now you’re just taunting me. :)
    Frankly, I’d LOVE to see more like MP3 players in that they’d come with different amounts of memory and so would be available for all budgets.

    Ya know, if they did that…they could suck people in with the smaller/cheaper versions then upsell them when they were ready to buy a new one. Case in point—I started off with an ipod shuffle ($70) and when I lost it….I bought a classic ($300).  Of course, that was when I had money to burn as well. Still, as far as marketing goes, I think it would be a good way to get people into the arena because almost any electronic under 100 “feels” more affordable.

  12. 12
    Randi says:

    @Lauren: I don’t think you have to worry about paper books going away. Firstly, there are still LOTS and LOTS of folks who have an ereader, who still have and buy some paper books. Second, there’s still that really pesky issue of leasing vs buying.

    I refuse to shell out thousands of dollars a year leasing books. Screw that, I say.

    BTW-this video=hilarious!

  13. 13
    Beth Gray says:

    This is why I really like the mobipocket site. it will download to almost anything with no special purchases required.  I recently uploaded the first in a new series to it and it was extremely easy.

    Beth Gray

  14. 14
    Lauren says:

    @Randi – Yeah, that is always the valid point and hence why I mostly state my slight paranoia is very silly. I think I’m thinking too much like there’ll be some sort of horrid Farenheit 451-esque scenario over time and I’ll have to hide my books in the cieling and such.
    Okay, maybe I’m being melodramatic.
      And now for some reason I cannot explain, I just pictured the entire “Belle” musical sequence from Beauty and the Beast with Belle reading a Kindle instead of a book….
      Dear Brain, why are you so crazy with the imagination?

    And for irony my word verification – think87

  15. 15
    Lostshadows says:

    Even with the price of e-readers dropping, I can’t see myself switching from paper.
    I have a Palm Pilot with a bunch of books from Project Gutenberg sitting on it, yet, I never read them. Even when I’m bitching to myself about having nothing to read.

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