Book Blogger Appreciation Awards Nominations (And Request for Help)

And lo, this will be strewn far and wide as an example of pandering, but it’s really a humble request for help:

Smart Bitches has been nominated in five categories for the Book Blogger Appreciation Awards:

Most Humorous/Funniest Blog
Most Eclectic Taste Blog
Best Reviews
Best Romance Reviews
Most Collaborative Blog


As part of the nomination process, we need to submit five entries per category that best highlight the content of the site.

I’m poking through the archives now, and while we do have a “greatest hits” category – it takes a hell of a lot of bitchin’ power to make that category in Candy’s and my estimation – I wanted to ask you what you thought.

What entries in the past year did you like best? Which ones rocked your world? 

One thing I’ve noticed about blogging is that I never know what will set off a flurry of comments, or what will create a most amazing discussion, and really, the commenting community here is what I love most about the site. I don’t know if I tell you that enough. If I get nominated for anything, a large portion of the recognition goes to you. Smart Bitches wouldn’t be half as much fun without you (lurkers, too – hi, lurkers!). Thank you for that.

I’d very much appreciate your help as I wander through the archives of the past year to find suitable content. Post a link in the comments or, if you don’t like to comment (hi lurkers!) please email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom with BBAW ENTRY in the subject line.

Thank you, thank you.

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  1. 1

    ANY of the Caption that cover entries. Or of course the latest Dhoc Turhtle ones.

  2. 2
    SonomaLass says:

    Was “in ur ass, savin’ ur life” within the past year?  Too lazy to check, but that would get my vote for humor.  Also cover snark, naturally.

  3. 3
    Ciar Cullen says:

    I think some of the cover comedy shticks are among the funniest things I’ve seen on the interwebs.  So I would absolutely pick a few of those. When the two of you go back and forth…

  4. 4
    Lorelie says:

    “in ur ass, savin’ ur life” gets a second vote from me.

  5. 5
    MaryKate says:

    Of course you’ll be highlighting the Save the Contemporary campaign, yes?

    Also, your review of Butterfly Tattoo stands out to me as one of the best you’ve written.

  6. 6
    Jennie Blake says:

    Maybe the DRM and e-book discussions for community? Those were awesome, lengthy, and even more awesome.

  7. 7
    Jan says:

    Doc Turtle and Pregnesia are both worthy of awards. Also some of your e-publishing commentaries.

  8. 8
    Liz says:

    how about “Amazon Rank” from April 12th.  Not exactly snarky, but still gives a feel of what this site is about.

    I also go for Decadent.  I’m still laughing over that one.

  9. 9

    The cover captions are always funny.  But then again, so are the Doc Turtle reviews.

  10. 10
    Jody says:

    Hands down.

  11. 11
    Jamie says:

    Pregnesia and, if it fits the time period, In ur ass, savin ur life. Those are the two I’ve most widely shared with friends and compatriots.

    century35—The real estate company of The Future!

  12. 12
    kate r says:

    Pregnesia and cover fun.

    But Jennie Blake is right about the DRM discussion.

  13. 13
    Kelly says:

    I’m here and reading your blog because of Doc Turtle.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his review of Dark Lover.  Of course this has led me to read other things on the blog, but he’s reviews are what brought me in and hooked me… and a co-worker.

  14. 14
    Anonymousie says:

    Pregnesia, for sure.  Not only funny, but a great review, with the bonus of having Carla herself comment on it.

  15. 15
  16. 16
    Cheryl McInnis says:

    Definitely DocTurtle! His reviews make the world a better
    place :- )

  17. 17
    movers says:

    I vote for cover comedy as well. Good luck!

  18. 18
    Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    Another vote here for the entire DocTurtle review of Dark Lover.

  19. 19
    ghn says:

    You should have a bit of contrast, to begin with, Dhoc Thurtle slicing and dicing the Black Dagger Brotherhood should do well to anchor one end of the grade scale – along with (which was one book that did not even manage to land an F. Along with pros and cons for DNF as a grade in its own right.

    On the other end of the scale, you can of course crowd in andy book graded A. Like Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase. Or His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik. Or any book by Lois McMaster Bujold.

    And there is of course a lovely and extensive palette of tints and shades between these extremes.
    name74: I am sure you could name 74 shades of pink alone ;-)

  20. 20
    Tina C. says:

    Scrolling through the archives, I came across alot of the “Everything I Need To Know” posts (and hey, I don’t think you’ve done any for a while!).  I really enjoy those and you give great advice and you bring in romance plots and the commenters often offer great advice.  It all sounds very collaborative to me.  Same with the HABO posts.

  21. 21
    morningstar says:

    Most Collaborative Blog: the ones on which you and Dear Author collaborated for April Fools Day fun. Loved that whole experience!

    Another candidate for Most Collaborative: the ones in which you and Dear Author explained DRM

    Most eclectic taste: your ereader offer to people reading this blog (if I am reading that category correctly); if not, put it in Most Collaborative

    One more for Most Collaborative – your partnership with eHarlequin to get ereaders into the hands of Confirmed Paper Readers

    Most Humorous/Funniest Blog: Pregnesia

  22. 22
    Ashley Ladd says:

    Congrats on all your nominations. I first heard about BBAA only last night on Twitter. I wish I’d known in time to nominate. At least I know for next year.

    Good luck! This is one of the best blogs around.

  23. 23
    Judy says:

    So many possibilities, so few categories….

    Regular reviews: Kindles/Sonys, etc.
    Romance Reviews: Doc Turtle reviews are a must.
    Humorous/Funniest: Loved the “Hoff” stuff but that may be too old.  Also the blurbs re covers segment – was in stitches through that.
    For collaborative (not sure how collaborative they mean):  The BHB trailers?  Or the blurbs/covers (see above).
    Eclectic taste?: Friday videos?  I’ve found a bunch of neat stuff (as well as what were they thinking ones) as well as new music too.

    Here’s hoping you win in all categories! :-)

  24. 24
    SB Sarah says:

    So you guys love Doc Turtle, Pregnesia, and any event that involves LOLPorn and saving one’s ass via anal sex.

    That’s a blog in and of itself right there!

    Thank you – that’s just awesome. I so, so appreciate the support and the comments and recommendations.

  25. 25
    Jodie says:

    Def Pregnesia and the ‘things in history that never make it into romance novels’. Also your Twilight review, the covert art contest about putting other authors names on books and any post where you explain why talking smack about romance is not cool.

  26. 26
    katiebabs says:

    Pregnesia and Butterlfy Tattoo rdefinitely. Also Save the Contemporary and the Dabwaha tournament.

  27. 27
    Delilah says:

    “in ur ass, savin’ ur life” is hands down the funniest post evah (I cannot tell you how many people I have dissolved into tearing, snorting laughter with this one)

    And Butterfly Tattoo review for one of the other serious types. You’re review of it was simply lovely.

    *haaa magic word is “decision 89”

  28. 28
    SB Sarah says:

    Thanks, y’all. I’m compiling a list, and I’ll let you know what I send in once it’s all done.

    Thank you thank you thank you, for the recommendations, the compliments, and for stopping by every day.

  29. 29
    Henofthewoods says:

    black footed ferrets
    -collaborative, funny, lively

    -The friday video with the awful song that had incredible effects and sets- not that I can remember the singer’s name or anything. You know, the blond who didn’t look like he really wanted to kiss the girl. With the castles, the fires, the pirates, the ice caves, the witches, sword fighting? I think the comments for that were particularly wonderful.

    -HABO – because my memory is not perfect and I love seeing other people matched with their books. (The one’s I want are all more Sci-Fi/Fantasy than Romance but I have some books I really want to find.)

    -Save the Contemporary – This is interesting for the issue itself (can an author write a contemporary and sell it if they are not already a superstar?) and also for the issue of reviews’ influence on a market… Did Victoria Dahl’s book sell appreciably better because of this site? It is still in my TBR waiting. I have read a lot of the A and B review books from this site and some that guests and commenters have listed. I now have permanent new “must read” and usually “must buy” authors. But the negative reviews don’t always make me not want a book. Nothing will keep me from my Crhack Hhabit.

  30. 30
    janicu says:

    Hmm. This is what I thought should be there:
    Crimes Against Photoshop –

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