My Soul to Lose, Your Prequel to Gain

Book CoverRachel Vincent’s My Soul to Take hits stores on 1 August, kicking off Harlequins new Teen line of books. If you’d like to read a prequel to the series, Harlequin has a PDF for you – 87 pages of free reading to holler at your curiosity. You can download a copy of My Soul to Lose from this here Hot Pink site, and read more about the book at Harlequin Teen.

I have to say, I love prequels, ancillary stories or even really well-constructed chapter samples available as free downloads to promote a book. I think digital promotions like that are so effective, and so interesting. It’s easy for reader to tell if s/he likes the voice or the style of the book, and there’s no risk to trying out the free material.

Do they work for you? And specifically, do you like this prequel and does it make you interested in the book?


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    heathero says:

    As a librarian working mostly with teens, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Harlequin Teen line does.

  2. 2
    Edie says:

    I adore the prequels and free samples!
    Must admit was hesitant over Nalini Singh’s new series, but grabbed the prequel thingy, okay it wasn’t free, but it sold me!
    Also with ebook authors who are new to me, I will often check their sites to see if they have any free reads or bigger excerpts so I can try before I buy. It is very, VERY handy.

    Verification word is fitting, I find more than 57% value in free samples.. LOL

  3. 3
    Lara says:

    It depends. Sometimes prequels are awesome, you get to learn why certain characters are how they are, and it adds to your appreciation of the original book/books. But sometimes the prequels were written so much later than the originals—I’m thinking here of Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress by David Eddings—that the author’s forgotten some details and thus ends up contradicting previously established facts, or worse, having to come up with a rationalization for completely illogical previously established facts. Like trying to make it reasonable that Polgara is a three-thousand-year-old virgin.

    As a romance example, I liked Laura Kinsale’s The Hidden Heart just fine. But I really thought the hero and heroine worked better as supporting (and supportive) characters in The Shadow and the Star than they did as protagonists.

  4. 4
    Jennifer says:

    Well, that prequel certainly intrigued me…

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