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Sarcasm will get you many frequent flyer miles.


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    Amanda says:

    This guy is so awesome. You should be able to choose whether you want a regular, serious flight or this awesome guy. I would pay like $10 extra to have this boarding announcement on each flight.

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    Lisa says:

    Two years ago flying from BC to Ontario we got a flight attendant who said “After you have secured your oxygen mask, turn to the person next to you and say Luke I am your father.” There were other funny bits, but that stuck with me. Is this only a Canadian phenomenon?

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    GrowlyCub says:

    I’ve traveled with this guy before.  He’s great. :)  I wish I’d thought to record him!

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    Randi says:

    Is this a Southwest flight? because this sounds like something Southwest employees would do. Totally awesome!

    various79: I bet there are more than 79 variations of flight instructions that could be hilarious.

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    This is great!  I think my hubby’s first and last time on an airplane would have gone much better if we’d had this guy as a pilot lol.

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    Jaci Burton says:

    This is awesome. I’ve been on Southwest flights before with really funny flight attendants too. Well worth it and a little humor before the flight helps to relax the passengers. And hey…you can’t help but pay attention to the instructions!

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    Mary Beth says:

    “Checking to make sure your seatbelt is fastened and your shoes go with your outfit…”

    LOVED it.

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    Rose says:

    Take a look at this list from Ask the Pilot – so it’s not just a Canadian phenomenon/only on Southwest; I liked the South African one at the end. Ask the Pilot is worth reading not just for that.

    I’ve never heard a funny announcement while flying.

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    azteclady says:

    Oh this is great! Thank you, needed a laugh this morning.

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    meezergrrrl says:

    Yep.  That’s Southwest for you.

    I travel frequently on business and have A-list status with them, so I hear this spiel pretty much every other trip.

    Each FA does their own little twist.  Some of the FA’s going to and from Orlando sing disney songs with Southwest advertising lyrics.  Others joke about what you’ll get if you marry one of them.

    My favorite, though, was the guy who said “if you’re traveling with small children… we’re sorry.” (this was on a flight that left very late from Orlando). At one point, I got up from my seat, and when I returned, I found the same guy sitting in my seat, chatting up the two other ladies in my row.  He calmly turned around and said “Hey baby, would you get me a beer?” before relinquishing my seat to me.

    I seem to remember that they gave us all a lecture on the dos and don’t’s in Vegas on a flight landing in Vegas, too.

    If I have the choice between Southwest and any other airline, I’ll fly Southwest. They truly know how to treat their customers – and it’s the amusing little things like the sarcastic take on the standard FAA safety lecture that make the difference for people who spend a lot of time on planes.

    story29?  Have I got a story for you…. ;)

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    Galadriel says:

    Since this is a Canadian flight, it’s most likely WestJet. They encourage their flight attendants to have more fun/be more relaxed with the passengers than, say, Air Canada, and quite often the safety announcements are colourful and entertaining. I recall being on one of their flights once where the attendant working the speaker referred to the masks that would descend from the panels above our “natural hair colours.”

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    Randi says:

    @Rose: that link was made of win. Thanks for sharing it!!

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    CupK8 says:

    I love humor in my pre-flight spiels.  :)  I fly Virgin a lot, and always pay attention to their pre-flight video.

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    Rachel says:

    It must be WestJet – their flight attendants always give the silliest pre-flight announcements. It’s very entertaining!

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    maritza says:

    this guy was hilarious!!!  I always wonder if they can recite that speel in thierr sleep.

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    SAS says:

    My hubby was on Southwest a few years back when the pilot came on to do the whole tour guide thing, “If you look out the right side of the aircraft you’ll see the Rocky Mountains, etc, etc, etc…”.  Then he said, “And if you look out the left side you’ll see a house with pink flamingos, spare tires and a car up on blocks in the front yard.  That’s the co-pilot’s house.”

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    Nat says:

    I need to fly these airlines! My trips would be so much fun if I had pre-flight announcements like these. I’m taking a note of both airlines and am going to try to use them for my next trip.

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    Bea says:

    If it’s a Canadian flight, it’s definitely not Southwest. But I’ve heard funny things about them too. I’ve never flown WestJet, but I think I should give them a try! A laid back, funny crew would make flying so much more bearable…

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    miz_geek says:

    I flew Southwest last week and as we were about to takeoff, the pilot introduced himself and then said, “Our onboad seatbelt monitor has detected that there are still 13 of you who haven’t fastened your seatbelts.”  Even though I knew it couldn’t be true, I had to check to make sure mine was fastened.

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