Friday Videos are Funny and Awkward

First, thanks to the many many many who sent the links to a Japanese uber-fan of Harry Potter interviewing the cast. This one is just.. hilarious.

As a special bonus, here’s something so outrageous and ridiculous and hilarious that the only thing better than watching it is hearing Heather Osborn talk about it, which we all did at RWA.

Sandra Lee making a Kwanzaa cake:

If that’s not enough, here’s a link to the photos of Gillian, a blogger from Argentina, making the Kwanzaa cake.

Ah, yes, one of my most joyous RWA memories: the story of the Kwanzaa cake.



Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Julianna says:

    That fan interview is one of the most intensely cute and awkward things I have seen this month.  That is hilarious.

  2. 2
    Melissa S. says:

    Considering that Rupert Grint couldn’t do an interview to save his life back during the first few films, (one word answers and he would turn an attractive shade of red) it makes me say AWWW that he can get through that interview.

  3. 3

    Thanks for the link to my blog! And LOVE the Rupert Grint video!


  4. 4
    Casse says:

    A kwanzaa cake ::dies laughing::  I find this ridiculous for sooo many reasons.  It looks ridiculous too. SMH

  5. 5

    Kwanzaa cake story WAS the highlight of the conf. Heather should start a webcast where she describes this show every week. With lots of cursing.

    And I can’t begin to imagine how Ron wasn’t beet red through that whole video. I think I was blushing myself.

  6. 6
    booklvr_k says:

    I would say the cake ingredients were enough to make me lose my lunch, but the pictures show that someone apparently beat me to it.  Yeech!

  7. 7
    lijakaca says:

    I can’t watch the vids from here, but that screencap made me lol – I assume it’s a translation of what Rupert’s saying?

    Somehow even though Japan has more than its share of crazy talk shows and reality tv, the premises and skits seem much more fun and less exploitative than North America…most of the time anyways.

  8. 8
    cate says:

    She gets PAID to do that ???????  Gobsmacked !!
    BTW, I thought she said acorns, not corn nut (whatever the hell they are ).It was only when I hit Gillians link, I realised what was in the recipe (if you can call it that)
      I’ve got a Hag party coming up. Methinks that gem’s going to be on the games list –
    All hail St Delia of Smith &  the Blessed Ina of Garten I say.

  9. 9
    liz m says:

    The cake is appalling.

    Dude, I want her and Rupert to run off and get married. That was adorable!

  10. 10
    Candy says:

    “And that’s how I knew…Sandra Lee hates black people.” That was probably one of my favorite lines from Heather’s recap….

    Now, if only we can find a clip of I Married the Eiffel Tower.

    Heather, dude, you need to do a weekly or monthly Podcast round-up of fucked-up TV shows and pop culture disasters.

  11. 11
    Candy says:

    Also, thanks to @frain, here’s a Sandra Lee-inspired video seizure moment:

  12. 12
    ev says:

    Candy- You just had top post that final link right? OMG. I almost lost it at the 9 inch cock… at around 40 secs in. (THAT didn’t come out right either)

    thank god for the pint of Killian’s I just had at dinner.

    that woman should be jailed for what she does to food. Not in jail cooking- that would be cruel and unusual punishment- but jailed.

  13. 13
    cate says:

    OK . Now I’ve completely lost the plot after the last clip….Not only 9” cock…..but splatters in the same clip.
    My pelvic floor’s b******d Stop it, damn you …Stop it !

  14. 14
    Cora says:

    BTW, I thought she said acorns, not corn nut (whatever the hell they are ).It was only when I hit Gillians link, I realised what was in the recipe (if you can call it that)

    I also heard acorns and was more than a bit confused. For while acorns have been used as a coffee substitute and as an ingredient in bread during the deprived days just after WWII, they do not seem to be the sort of ingredient someone like this woman (who can’t even bake her own cake and make her own icing or cut her own apples) would use.

  15. 15
    CupK8 says:

    The first video had me laughing so hard it hurt; the second video silenced me with its wtf-ery; the one you linked, Candy, made me laugh, but left me with a splitting headache and the echo of “expresso?!” in my brain.

    Oh dear lord.. I really detest that woman.  But Rupert and his fan were adorable.

  16. 16
    Sandra says:

    Re acorns:  all acorns are “edible”, but they are extremely bitter, EXCEPT white oak acorns, which can be roasted and eaten like chestnuts.  Granted, they don’t have much flavour.  The white oak has leaves with rounded tips on the points; the leaves turn tan in autumn rather than red.  In these tough economic times, you never know what you might wind up using to supplement your diet :-D Spamword started86, as in “I started with blackberries and now I’m up to wild food #86 – acorns!”

  17. 17
    Sandra says:

    P.S.:  I was listening carefully and she definitely said “Acorns”, not “Corn Nuts”.  That cake is an abomination that ranks right up there with one of the most repulsive recipes I ever heard, a Jewish writer ( can’t recall his name) telling how his mother made “spaghetti”:  Boil a package of spaghetti for an hour, adding a pound of velveeta and a bottle of catsup.  Turn the resulting lump out onto a plate, cut it in slices and fry them in chicken fat.  UGH!  Spamword is river53, as in “One more recipe like that and I may just jump in the river 53 times.”

  18. 18
    J.C. Wilder says:

    I could listen to that story over and over and over again.

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