Commence Happy Dance! Sony eBook Software to be Mac Compatible

Sony’s eBook Library software, according to a Mobile Read report, will be compatible with Mac computers by end of summer 2009:

Dear Fellow Reader,

Attention Mac users! We’ve received many requests to make the eBook Store work with Apple® Macintosh® computers, and we wanted to share with you our progress on this front.

An updated version of the eBook Library Software compatible with Mac OS X operating systems will be available by the end of Summer 2009 for download to your computer to enable you to purchase, organization and download content to your PRS505 and PRS700.

Send us your email address, and we will notify you when the update is available.

Thank you,

Your Friends at The eBook Store

Oh, let there be great joy and rejoicing. While I’m a firm and ardor-filled lover of Calibre, I am so glad to hear that at last, Sony has awoken from the daze of the Hur? Wut? and made their bookstore software Mac-compatible. THANK THE DIGITAL FAIRIES.

Now, we have more options. I’m a big fan of lots of options. I can’t wait to see the new software and test it out.

ETA: I have confirmed via email to Sony bookstore representative that it is indeed true, but the closest they’ll come to date of commitment for now is “summer 2009.” Stay tuned for details!



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  1. 1

    YAY, no more mini-PC to upload books onto my Sony. Now, if my MP3 player would only follow suit, oh and most of the gaming world. Love my Mac. It’s the best impulse buy EVAH! I’d say I’ve gone Mac and won’t go back, but sadly if I want to play some of the games out there, I’ll have to go PC. Real shame, though.

    But one more YAY for the Sony going Mac. Makes me one happy camper. :)

  2. 2
    Tae says:

    and I just purchased my ASUS EEEPC1000 so that I’d have a windows operating system for my Sony Reader……

    however, I am very glad to hear this

  3. 3
    Jess B. says:

    Tae, but don’t you love the netbook! I bought one for similar reasons (primarily a Mac user, but couldn’t resist a cute netbook). Unfortunately my credit card statement bitch slapped me and I was forced to return it (couldn’t justify owning two laptops), so now I’m in morning for my Asus EEE. It was so cute; pink with cherry blossom flowers… Le sigh, one day.

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    Rather much a drive-by comment, but…

    I’ve had a Sony Reader for a while now, and the desktop software is not as good as it could be. In fact, I’m so tired of scrolling through my book collection looking for stuff, I’m in process of moving my 353 ebooks into Calibre. Specifically, Calibre wins hands down in terms of tagging and collections.

  5. 5
    Melissa S. says:

    Thanks for the Calibre link. I’ve been looking for a way to comment and rate the books I’ve read. The ebook software for Sony is ok, but the need to organize is strong with me whenever I open the program.

  6. 6
    Jessica G. says:

    I have a PC (desktop and work laptop), but I still want a netbook. So of those lamenting, if you want to get rid of yours just let me know ;)

    I haven’t had any complaints about the software, but I know a lot of people have. I think my system prevents me from getting annoyed with collections- I have a spreadsheet with all of my books on it, and I take off the books off my Reader that I’ve read every two weeks or so. Then when I buy, I automatically transfer them to the Reader (sorting by purchase date). Sounds like a lot of work, but I didn’t really do it in response to the lacks of the software, but more for my OCD.

    Anyway, I’m really excited to hear this. I always see sad people on here who want a Sony but have a Mac. I expect all of you to grab one now!

  7. 7
    Ann Bruce says:

    Hmm…how about iPod Touch compatible?  I’ve abandoned my Sony Reader in favour of the Touch because the latter fits into my hand oh-so-very nicely and the Reader is tiring to hold after a while.

    Spam word: hold67

  8. 8
    Suze says:

    Tappa tappa tippity tappity tippy tap *heel click* tappity tappity TAP!

    That’s my happy dance.  Or it would be if I could tap dance.  Somehow the highland fling (especially at my current weight) just doesn’t convey the same glee.

    *hugs self in, um, glee*

  9. 9
    Amy! says:


    There’s a quote, here and on the MobileRead forum, saying “send us your email,” but there’s no there, there … no place to send an email.  The Sony bookstore site doesn’t seem to contain the quote (which would presumably include a hyperlink) … help?  I admit that I’m cynical about what I can get from the Sony bookstore (I don’t do drm … but I might be able to hack inept for the Mac, in which case it won’t matter, perhaps), but I’d like the option ….


  10. 10
    Brenna says:


    There’s a quote, here and on the MobileRead forum, saying “send us your email,” but there’s no there, there … no place to send an email.

    If you have registered your reader at the Sony site, you will receive an email and link from them.  I have received mine.  However, here is the link, just in case:  feedback @ and the message on your email should be:  “I would like to be notified when the Mac-compatible eBook Library is available.”

  11. 11
    Kaetrin says:

    Okay, this might not be the right place to ask this question, but I’m hoping one of you savvy bitches out there may be able to help me out.

    We recently upgraded to Office 2007 from Office 2003 – in the process Windows was reinstalled too and we had to reinstall all our other programmes from scratch.  Then to complicate matters, we got a new PC (so now we have 2) where all the programmes had to be reloaded also.

    I have downloaded the Sony elibrary software so Adobe DE will now recognise my Sony 700 but Adobe DE keeps crashing….  The reason I had to get Adobe DE to recognise the reader (and here is the link to the post above – thank you for your patience!) is that Calibre is all acting up too.  It crashes when I go to import some books from my PC but not others.  It consistently crashes with the same books (some of which I have bought since the various upgrades but none of which were pre-upgrade if you know what I mean).  I’ve binged at Books on Board and now I can only get about half of the books I’ve bought onto my reader! 

    Anyone have any clues about what I should do?

    I’m not getting any particular error message and Calibre Help didn’t really, er, help (neither did Sony or Adobe for that matter).  I’m not sure what to try next.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread for my own personal needs, but can anyone help?  thx.

  12. 12
    Kim Knox says:

    Yay, the hours of fiddling and converting files could soon be over.
    And thanks, Brenna. I sent off my email

  13. 13
    Kim Knox says:

    Yay, the hours of fiddling and converting files could soon be over.
    And thanks, Brenna. I sent off my email

  14. 14
    senetra says:


    If you go to MobileReads forum, Calibre has its own forum where kovidgoyal often troubleshoots problems.

  15. 15
    Jodi says:

    Suh-weet! I’m a Mac lover—yet there are still so many cool things our there that are incompatible. I’m excited about the Sony viewer. It looks more readable to me than the Kindle. I’ve amended my Christmas list from Kindle to Sony per your recommendation, so I hope Sony gets a move on with it’s Mac software!!!

  16. 16
    Tae says:

    Jess B> I do love my ASUS.  I could justify it since my laptop is a 5 year old mac and a hand-me-down from my husband. 

    I use Calibre for most things, but occasionally I buy books from Sony or go for their free books, so I wanted the Sony software on my computer.

    What I really want is Adobe Digital Editions on my Mac so I can download library books.  However, since I have my ASUS netbook, I’ve solved that problem too.

    boy88 – not really a boy if he’s 88

  17. 17
    Kaetrin says:

    thanks Senetra – I knew the Bitchery would be able to help!

  18. 18
    Lisa Hendrix says:

    This is terrific news.  We’re an all Mac family and have been for years.  My dh is a licensed Mac Developer, so compatibility issues can often be overcome by the sheer depth of his knowledge, but it’s lovely when he doesn’t have to spend his free time at it. I think I may be about to join the ereader contingent. I can see putting all my research docs on there and clearing out space on my laptop.

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