Wine, Romance, and Books for Literacy

Tomorrow from 2-4pm, I’ll be out on the eastern tip of Long Island at the Pindar Vineyards for a multi-author book signing with Gina Ardito, Patti Ann Bengen, Debora Dennis, Candace Gold, Barbara Metzger, Jean Marie Pierson and Bertrice Small – I am going to try not to squee like a fangirl at Ms. Small. One of her books, Blaze Wyndham, is among my favorite re-reads from the old skool days of romance.

The signing was organized by the newly-formed Dunes & Dreams chapter of the RWA, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Suffolk Literacy.

For all the details, check out the Dunes & Dreams page or visit the Pindar Vineyard page for driving directions. If the weather is like it was today, look for the wet person with the Heaving Bosoms – that’ll be me.


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    Janet W says:

    You are such a lucky duck! Barbara Metzger—here’s a teensy blurb on one of her books I have most enjoyed. It’s laugh-outloud funny: Snowdrops and Scandalbroth. Fawcett, 1997.
    Characters: Courtney Choate, Viscount Chase & Miss Kathlyn Parthland Summary: Virgin tries to prove he’s a rake by hiring a poor lady to play his mistress. Rating: excellent … the review is from the Good Ton website. And it’s funny, I just read the New Yorker article on La Nora and she never has written about a male virgin. Just coincidence I guess. The writer made a mistake though. Dr. Mira was raped by her step-father and her mother and father reconciled and are living in CT. I think :) I have a Beatrice Small on my shelf, The Innocent, and I don’t care to examine too closely why I do. She did pave the way though.

    Have fun!!

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    Kim says:

    You are lucky to meet Bertrice – she is a legend!  Many of her books are dedicated to her beloved George, who served as a radio operator in Rheims, France, during WWII.  RT readers had the privilege to meet George, in his original WWII uniform, at the SOS Military Mixer in 2008/Pittsburg.  Bertrice was so proud of him!  Bertrice remains a stalwart supporter of military personnel and their families besides being a fabulous writer!

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    Terry Odell says:

    I’m so glad to see the Literacy connection.  I’ve been a volunteer for the Adult Literacy League in Orlando for close to 29 years now. It’s such an important cause.  Best of luck!

    (Code word: “already 63”  Not quite yet, but almost!)

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    We can’t wait to meet you too, Sarah! What could be better than a day of wine and romance? We’ve got a terrific line-up of authors. Looking forward to a great day! :)

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    SonomaLass says:

    Wine and romance—two great tastes that taste great together!  Good thing you haven’t added in chocolate, or I might have ditched our Fathers’ Day barbecue for your book signing.  Hope you have a blast and raise lots of $ for this great cause.

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