Teh Winners of the Edith Layton Giveaway

Tails of Love Here at Bitchery HQ, the winners of the Tails of Love Giveaway are:

1. Sarah W

2. lusty reader

3. Laura (In PA)

Hooray! Email me at sarah at smartbitchestrashybooks dot com with your mailing address, and the book shalt be yours!

Don’t forget that part II, the raffle, ends tomorrow. Just send your receipt for charitable donation to sbj.contests at gmail dot com and you’re entered to win the following books:

An arc of LOVE IS A FOUR LEGGED WORD by Kandy Shepard
CASTING SPELLS by Barbara Bretton
THE CAT by Jean Johnson
The Cat Who Brought Down The House by Lillian Jackson Braun;
Never Say Sty by Linda O. Johnston

And the auction continues until Monday night for the set of three very much anticipated ARCs from Berkley, as well as a mammoth gift basket that might as well have a mammoth in it, it’s so big with the excellent. As of this writing, the high bid is $320.00, so bid happy, bid often for a great cause.

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    Laura (in PA) says:

    How awesome! Thanks so much. I’ve emailed my info. I’m honored to be a winner in something that’s such a great tribute to Edith Layton.

  2. 2
    Sarah W says:

    Wow, I won! 

    I just e-mailed my address—-and mailed a donation to my favorite shelter, this afternoon.

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