Romantic Suspense and Roxanne St. Claire: ARC Giveaway!

Since I poked a little fun at vaguely religious pseudonyms, and since Roxanne St. Claire isn’t a pseudonym, I thought, let’s have another ARC giveaway, shall we?

Yes, we shall!

Your task: more fun with romantic suspense! Using your power of Word Knowlege, use the form below to generate a title and its tagline.

As always, copy and paste your brilliant results into the comments. Two winners will be chosen to receive an advanced reader copy of Roxanne St. Claire’s next book, Hunt Her Down. 24 hours, so grab the hand of your nearest male silhouette, and run, run like the wind!

Note: the results appear in a popup window, so be ye warned.

Verb, past tense:

Sharp object:

Verb, gerund (with an -ing):

Food (plural):

Verb, present tense:




Weather formation (noun):

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  1. 1
    Kate says:

    He licked his glock when he glimpsed her grimace her papaya. But can he gnashing her shimmery scissors? Find out in…

    Passion’s diminutive cold front.

  2. 2
    Kate says:

    Okay, the blurb is a bit random (though I kind of like the crazy licking the glock thing… I may have to use that for a villain one day), I’m obviously not doing it properly. But I love the title.

  3. 3

    I can see I will get absolutely nothing done today but laugh.  In the interest of full disclosure, Roxanne St. Claire is my real, legal name and not a pseudonym, but I do openly admit that I changed it from Roxanne Zink when I was 19.  I was pursuing a career in TV journalism and was told by a producer that NO ONE with a last name that starts with a Z or has harsh consonants in it will ever make it on the news.  (Evidently, Paula Zahn and Katie Couric did not get this memo.)  So, I went to court and legally changed my last name to St. Claire.  Then years later, I married an Italian guy so I’m also Rocki Frisiello. 

    Let the games begin!!!

  4. 4
    Jackie says:

    He baited his pencil when he glimpsed her traipsing her bananas. But can he burning her glorious shoe? Find out in…
    Passion’s extreme tornado.

  5. 5
    D. D. Scott says:

    Smart Bitches: Romantic Suspense Blurbs Gone Wild!
    He screwed his stiletto heel when he glimpsed her twitting her edimame pods. But can he bitch her fabulous princess? Find out in…

    Passion’s sassy tsunami.

  6. 6
    Sarah W says:

    He swallowed his tongue when he glimpsed her spelunking her kumquats. But can he smooch her damp flower? Find out in…
    Passion’s swirling cirronimbus cloud.

  7. 7
    Jaye says:

    He laved his stiletto when he glimpsed her cherishing her pomegranates. But can he sully her pristine cascade? Find out in…

    Passion’s euphoric tempest.


  8. 8
    HeatherK says:

    He stalked his needle when he glimpsed her raising her chips. But can he looks her green balloon? Find out in…

    Passion’s Wet Thunderhead.

  9. 9
    Petra says:

    He laminated his ice pick when he glimpsed her licking her Cheez-Its. But can he reproduce her foamy daffodil? Find out in…

    Passion’s illicit low pressure area.

  10. 10
    Kate Jones says:

    He Grunted his Pencil when he glimpsed her Corking her Cheeses. But can he Spank her Pretty Cow? Find out in…

    Passion’s Blue Hurricane.

    I love my title!  The tag could use some work, though…

  11. 11
    EmilyW says:

    He rocketed his javelin when he glimpsed her mining her artichokes. But can he languish her burly ransom? Find out in…

    Passion’s hoary sandstorm.

  12. 12
    Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    He exacerbated his poker when he glimpsed her heaving her peas. But can he defenestrate her blue laptop? Find out in…

    Passion’s Moronic Hail.

    spamword:  state69.  Oh, dear…

  13. 13
    Natalie H says:

    He sliced his safety pin when he glimpsed her arcing her artichokes. But can he sit her prickly tower? Find out in…

    Passion’s towering cumulonimbus.

  14. 14
    Brigit Aine says:

    Smart Bitches: Romantic Suspense Blurbs Gone Wild!
    He slept his machete when he glimpsed her sucking her strawberries. But can he grab her trashy sofa? Find out in…

    Passion’s insipid cloud.

  15. 15
    Lorelie says:

    He bit his ice pick when he glimpsed her panting her cupcakes. But can he sink her desperate spatula? Find out in…

    Passion’s dirty cumulonimbus.

  16. 16
    Rob Charron says:

    Hi :)
    Plus a chance to win a great author’s book.
    He terrified his dagger when he glimpsed her loving her strawberries. But can he kiss her elongated body? Find out in…

    Passion’s whispery sun.

  17. 17
    Leah Braemel says:

    He shuddered his dagger when he glimpsed her laughing her strawberries. But can he hike her sparkling dog? Find out in…
    Passion’s small tornado.

    LMAO – fun! Some of these are hilarious – corking her cheeses? And he “screwed his stiletto”?

    (word=merely37.  I wish I was merely37. That was quite a few years back.)

  18. 18
    Steff Bakker says:

    Smart Bitches: Romantic Suspense Blurbs Gone Wild!

    He worked his ice pick when he glimpsed her posting her grapes. But can he help her delicate dictionary? Find out in…

    Passion’s shiny blizzard.

  19. 19
    Sonja says:

    He found his sword when he glimpsed her gaming her fruits. But can he doink her nice fingernail? Find out in…
    Passion’s Rotund Tornado

  20. 20
    cursingmama says:

    He flicked his sword when he glimpsed her slipping her peaches. But can he tap her smokey Vegas? Find out in…
    Passion’s glisten cloud.

    Don’t think I’d read that…..but you never know.

  21. 21
    Polly says:

    Ok, this doesn’t quite make sense, but here it is anyway:

    He fought his skewer when he glimpsed her disappearing her cherries. But can he run her blind tower? Find out in…

    Passion’s unyielding mist.

  22. 22
    Lorelie says:

    Man, there’s an awful lot of y’all choosing fruits for your food line.  I wonder what that’s all about….

  23. 23

    He Loved his stake when he glimpsed her jacking her eggs. But can he jump her simply horse? Find out in…
    Passion’s romantically tornado.

  24. 24
    Roxy says:

    He Tamed his razor when he glimpsed her crying her oranges. But can he walk her subtly king? Find out in…

    Passion’s strong storm.

  25. 25
    Sabrina says:

    He licked his Spear when he glimpsed her running her berries . But can he spank her wonderful book? Find out in…

    Passion’s mighty thunder.

  26. 26
    Theresa says:

    He flitted his hat pin when he glimpsed her scrubbing her blackberries. But can he wave her posh tissue? Find out in…

    Passion’s salty harr.

    I’m loving that title!

  27. 27
    SB Sarah says:

    twitting her edemame pods

    I thought that did me in.

    But Salty Harr?!

    I gotta go lie down. I’m lightheaded from the laughing. WOO!

  28. 28
    tracy says:

    Smart Bitches: Romantic Suspense Blurbs Gone Wild!
    He tossed his knives when he glimpsed her dancing for her Kumquats. But can he shoot her glorious juice? Find out in…

    Passion’s from his large twisted funnel..

    lol that was fun..

  29. 29
    Jaci Burton says:

    He Stashed his Knitting Needles when he glimpsed her Skulking her watermelon. But can he Spank her Sultry Iphone? Find out in…

    Passion’s Slobbering Dry Line.

    Dude….these are awesome! I want to use some of them for my future books.

  30. 30
    Ocy says:

    Smart Bitches: Romantic Suspense Blurbs Gone Wild!
    He painted his tin can lid when he glimpsed her swimming her cheeseburgers. But can he smell her fluffy penguin? Find out in…

    Passion’s Yellow Snow.

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