Romantic Suspense: A Name for an ARC Giveaway!

Fade to BlackThere are a whole mess of pseudonyms out there, including multiple names for writers who publish in various genres. On one hand, choosing a name for yourself again and again might be fun. On the other hand, holy pressure, Batman. (Hmmm. Pseudonym: Pressure Batman?)

What makes a good pseudonym? If you’re Leslie Parrish or Roxanne St. Claire, maybe it’s a subtle religious reference. Of course, Roxanne is using her real name. Leslie Parrish’s real actual legal name, if you didn’t know, is Bestselling Powerhouseauthor Withfabulousshoes. She goes by “Bes” among her friends, though.

So, what do you think makes a good romantic suspense pseudonym with clerical undertones?  And once you’ve come up with your pseudonym, what does this author write?

For example:

Virginia Churchmouse, author of the Holly Needsit series, about a woman who must copulate every day for a year, with 365 different men who form her stable of studly volunteers.

Carol St. Anges, author of extremely cozy mystery-romantic suspense featuring Violet Chenille, who solves crimes from her Craftmatic Adjustable Bed.

Come up with your pseudonym and body of work, leave your idea in the comments, and the best three win ARC copies of Parrish’s July and August releases, Fade to Black and Pitch Black. Comments close in 24 hours so have fun. Suspensefully, of course.

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  1. 1
    eaeaea says:

    Christie Corinthian

    Writes about a woman who travels to Greece for fun and sun, but ends up unravelling a mystery and embracing an experience that borders on the religious [“without love, I am nothing” (13:1)].
    All set amongst the ancient ruins, each book in the series is a different island, and H/h.

  2. 2
    mamaphoenix says:

    Valerie Dovefield

    Writes about the hilarious madcap and sometimes romantic adventures of Michelle Rooter, the only female plumber in her small town who has taken one too many trips to the local hardware store if you know what I mean

  3. 3
    Anony Miss says:

    Jay K. Rolling

    Writes the “Pig Pimples” series about two young witches, named Jeanie Veaslee and Hermione Pother, who pursue copyright infringement in a magical fanfiction site.

  4. 4
    Kaffiene says:

    Petra Organist

    Author of the Dancing Can Be Deadly series: “Trina Charleston and the Dance Club Murder,” “Alicia Flamenco and the Salsa Class Catastrophe,” “Lynn Stepballchange and the Square Dance Slaughter,” etc.

    Highly recommended for people who live in towns like the one in Footloose.  Your children are dancing? These will put them in their place.

  5. 5
    Lostshadows says:

    S.B. St. Hubbins

    Writes about Jeanine Pettibone, and her search for love and a pair of comfortable shoes.

  6. 6
    Silver James says:

    Bernadette Lourdes

    Author of the Vatican Vaults series. CSI Mary Margaret St. John takes on angels and demons and she investigates the miracles of love.

    Yeah. Pretty sucky but I just want to play. I already have both ARCs and they are beyond AWESOME BLOSSOM! Buy these books now if you love dark romantic suspense and don’t mind sleeping with the lights on!

  7. 7
    Maureen says:

    Allie Liulu

    She is the author of a series featuring Gabby, an angel sent from heaven in the form of a stripper to help the poor souls that end up frequenting her club, The White Dove.

  8. 8
    Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    Tiffany St Denis.
    Inspired by her love of stained-glass windows, she writes the “Nave of Hearts” series about tortured yet beautiful young men who find love in the world’s great cathedrals.

  9. 9

    Rachel “Roxy” Rachmanes. 

    Writes the “Why Does This Sh*t Always Happen to Us?” series about a young Conservative rabbi who’s orthodox in her views towards love and marriage (she wants both), ready to reform the establishment and has an eye towards reconstructing crime scenes to help out the hunky detective, Mac G’ver*.

    *It’s a Hebrew pun.  G’ver means both “Mister” and a macho guy.

  10. 10
    Lisa J says:

    O. Mygod

    She is the author of a series featuring I. M. Insatiable, a paranormal detective specializing in cases featuring vampires sucking at Catholic nuns.

  11. 11
    Aphtoreth says:

    Martha Maria Aquinas, writes about a forties detective a la Miss Marple. Wrote the Mummy’s revenge series about resurrected undead who find the love of a lifetime… Okay, so she’s a witch as well as a detective.

  12. 12
    Sarah W says:

    Magdalene Apostle is the author of the wildly popular Song of Songs series featuring singer/songwriter Catherine St. Bernard, who, while touring with her all-female group, Solomon’s Harem, solves crimes (of hot, wicked passion) with the help of the group’s mysterious (and smoking hot) road manager Adam Suedomsa—-all the while, from the shadows, millionaire record producer Philatanus Zagan has his own itinerary for the beautiful and (mostly) pure Ms. St. Bernard.

    Shoot—-this could work

  13. 13
    MichelleR says:

    Trinity Cromwell, author of the Mary Boleyn mysteries. Between being the mistress of Henry the VIII and then having her sister usurp her—and how—she solves crimes and flirts with sexy commoner, William Stafford. Often, there are supernatural themes.

    Some of the titles include A Tomb of Her Own, Salisbury’s Stake, and Lady in Waiting … for Murder. The most popular in the series is King Forsakes a Queen in which Mary races against the clock to prove her sister’s innocence.

    It doesn’t go so well.

  14. 14
    Sara Thustra says:

    P.K. Von Neinlein

    Writes the “Packet Sniffing For Fun & Profit” series, featuring the adventures of the female hacker-detective trio calling themselves “Insert, Ctrl, Esc”—a bold name that gets them into more trouble than they’d bargained, as their work brings them into contact with more heavy-hitting criminal porn outfits than they’d ever thought existed, including the deadly External Floppy Group and the vicious RAM Module cartel.  But all this is just to prepare them for their biggest task yet—to track down the stolen wetware referred to only in whispers as the “Cat5 o’ Tails”, which in the wrong hands could grant these vicious thugs “root access” to any woman’s mind!

    (Don’t you just *love* how dirty computer terminology can sound??  ;)

  15. 15
    J. C. Hay says:

    Bobbi Fischer, author of the brain-teasing thrillers about the beautiful chess-prodigy Morra Smith and her on-again off-again romance with Russian Intelligence Agent Viktor Sokolsky (Queen’s Gambit Declined, English Opening, and Two-Knight Defense)

  16. 16

    Here’s a suggestion from an alternate theological perspective:

    Olive Y. Gevalt

    A critical and popular favorite whose long-running series stars Angie Katz, who’s unexpectedly inherited her grandfather’s Jewish deli in Queens—and her grandmother’s instincts as an old-school matchmaker.  (Family folklore claims that Grandma Katz was an angel.  Family folklore is right, but only Angie knows that Grandma still pops down to the deli on occasion; apparently Grandpa hasn’t shared his chicken soup recipe with the kitchens Upstairs.)  Between the local cops for whom the deli is a favorite hangout and the matrons from the nearby synagogue who keep sending her star-crossed clients in need of true love, she’s nearly always up to her elephant ears in murder and romance.  (Recipes included, of course.)

  17. 17
    Ban says:

    Delilah Bethleham

    Who writes the story of Eve Tantalus, a shy and conservative vet at the San Diego Zoo who discovers a sinister plot to genetically alter the animals – turning them into satanic pets for the local Hellspawn Cult. She is rescued from their clutches by the handsome Saul St. Croix, the zoo’s expert snake wrangler. Together they fight the incidious forces of evil as well as the growing temptation between them, which threatens Eve’s chastity promise.

  18. 18
    Wife2landshark says:

    Chastity Fairsteeple, author of the romantic comedy This is Jessie, Tell Me Your Desires chronicling the life of Jessie St. James, the radio talk show sex therapist, and the many men in her life.  Gabriel Angelo, the studly cattle rancher looking for a wife and happy homemaker who tries to mold her into his dream woman.  Michael Titebottom, body builder and bisexual nymphomaniac attempting to lure her to the seedy underground swingers clubs.  And finally Luke Hart,  handsome architect who claims to be a bachelor forever, simply enjoying his time with her. 
    Who will steal her heart and satisfy that need and in the end help her find what she is really looking for ?

  19. 19
    Arabella says:

    Noire St. Dark

    Blind (they can nor longer “see” good) Angels, come to earth to hunt Daemons who are actually running a charity to end hunger.

  20. 20
    Scrin says:

    Ezekial J. Smith

    Smitt is a reclusive author, although people who have met him at conventions say he’s very unassuming and charming and asks that they call him ‘Zeke.’ Smitt’s most famous body of work is the Love-Thy-Neighbor series which Smitt has admitted, in a rare interview,  grew entirely out of the irony of a modern young man with a Puritanical slogan name and a large crush on the girl next door. From this nucleus of a young man, who always wisely introduced himself by his initials (‘Elton’) rather than his full first name, grew an extended family of relatives and friends who have to cope with faith, social and societal pressure, the problems of life, while trying to find, keep, or deal with love. Garnering particular note was the story of Michael, Elton’s cousin, whose story twists and turns through romantic trials, adventures, and misadventures before Michael concludes that he, at least, can be a truly happy, successful, and fulfilled person without having a significant other. His readers claim his dry wit to be a major attraction, as well as being able to see parts of the ‘ever-afters’ as main characters from previous novels show up as participating and valid members of another.

  21. 21
    Scrin says:

    Wow. I try to type that up, and typo the first time I write Zeke’s first name.

  22. 22
    Scrin says:

    And another typo.

    ***Zeke’s LAST name

    spamword: response 99

    I hope I don’t have to respond 99 times before I can sort out the typos.

  23. 23
    Scrin says:

    Hah, had to add this…

    Smitt admits that the Ezekial J. Smitt is a pseudonym he uses for a very personal reason: Many members of his own extended family are very conservative, indeed, “almost Puritanical”, and would not approve of the presence of sex in any writing, and Smitt likes being able to eat the barbecue and talk to people at the family reunions.

  24. 24
    Lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    Benedicte Monkish writes the Clementia St. Pagan series of medieval mysteries. Clementia, daughter of a local alderman, solves mysteries in the small village of Padwhack-on-Chipping-Green-Cocksend—and must struggle with her growing attraction to both the local blacksmith and a newly-arrived junior priest.

    Edie Easter is the author of the “Signs and Wonders” series. This romantic paranormal suspense series features heroine Mariah Wannaman, a music teacher in small-town Kentucky. She lives with her great-aunts (sisters Chastity, Constance, and Charity), who still attend their “up back” church of folks who handle snakes and speak in tongues. In the first book, she begins to suspect that what her aunts call “channeling the Holy Spirit” are actually messages from the recently-dead attempting to be heard. The series follows her exploits in communicating with ghosts and solving murders, aided by local deputy Goodman R. Hardtofinde.

  25. 25
    Sandi S says:


    She only needs one more name because she just that famous and writes books that are sinfully wonderful!

  26. 26
    Crystal Broyles says:

    Robin Communion

    Death is a Messy Business series.  Chloe Morganfield is a crime scene cleaner who can communicate with the dead at crime scenes. The dead plead with her to solve their murders so in her free time she investigates their deaths and often finds herself in danger and asks for divine intervention.

  27. 27
    Patricia Cochran says:

    Angelica Vatican researches and writes romances between
    angels and demons.  Her latest publication is “Demon Dad,
    Heavenly Housemother.”

    Pat Cochran

  28. 28
    Sarah W says:

    Try #2:

    Hollee Roller is the creator of the romatic suspense series featuring Desdemona Tripe, forensic zoologist with a steamy Las Vegas past and reluctant yet ever-ready FBI special agent Dirk Turgid.  Together, they plumb the depths to which bestiality cults may descend.

  29. 29
    Sarah W says:

    Drat—‘romantic’, not ‘romatic’

  30. 30

    I am cracking up over these!

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