First, thanks to Barb Ferrer: People Magazine’s hottest bachelors issue is out, and Ferrer reports that “one of the mini-features is bachelors dressed up and recreating traditional romance novel covers.” Judging from Brody Jenner’s picture, they’ve got it 40% correct. Mullet? No! Shirt open and still tucked in? Yes, but on technicality- the shirt is unlaced. Sword of dubious significance? NO! And the wind appears to be emerging from only one direction.

Her dress is damn good though. I think that’s the same gown from the cover of The Luxe. has a list of 10 Quirky Econimic Indicators that reveal, in case you hadn’t heard, that the US economy is in the crapper. Inexpensive entertainment and hopeful media like … wait for it… romance novels. Surprise!

The economy has broken your heart and stomped it to pieces and now you need to put it back together. At least that’s what Harlequin, the giant romance novel publisher, says is happening. In 2008, Harlequin’s sales were up 32% from the year before. In 2009, its sales are still rising.

The publisher credits this its uplifting stories that offer a haven, and to the low prices of the books relative to other entertainment. This theory has stood the test of time. Harlequin saw a similar sales increase during the recession of the early 90’s. So if these stories start piling up unwanted on the discount table at the bookstore, alongside all those mis-timed guides to real estate riches, better news is on the way.

Ah yes, romance:  the turgid profitable tower in a spreadsheet of losses.

[Thanks to the many, many folks who sent me this link.]

Would someone please write a romance novel with a hero who can frankly describe himself, as Piers Morgan did, as a “pure piece of prime British flame grilled beef?”

[Thanks to Anonymous for the link.]

And finally: from Carol, another reason for me to love NPR. Their Matter of Fact blog linked to my interview with librarian of awesome Jennifer Lohmann from Durham Public Library, which, awesome. Yay!



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    SKapusniak says:

    From Her Cannibal Ways by Perva McTwisted

    “What about this one?” said Meridith, pointing at photograph next to the description in the menu, “He looks cute.  Grill only though…”

    I blinked in surprise as I took in the shot of that toned and sculpted back, especially the…ahem…lower portions.  Even through my horrible mortification at Meri having dragged me into this cannibal restaurant—I mean, she wouldn’t have dared any more than I would, back home—I could see he had was mighty fine well muscled ass.  Mighty fine.  Maybe…

    “…A pure piece of prime British flame grilled beef, it says here.”

    “Do they, can they,” my words came all out in rush damnit, “dothegrillingrighthereatthetable? I mean, I heard…”

    “Oh of course, Madame” said the waiter “All part of our fully inclusive service!”

    And I swear the guy winked at me.

  2. 2
    Dragoness Eclectic says:

    Not surprised about romance sales being up in hard times. That’s always been true of “escapist” fiction, like pulp-action/adventure, science fiction and fantasy. The Great Depression was a boom time for pulp fiction, science fiction, fantasy, etc.

    method55: there are 55 methods to my madness?

  3. 3
    Jennifer Lohmann says:

    OMG Squeee!!!!

    Being a rather dorky kid, I imagined I knew I would have “made it” when I was on NPR or Oprah.  I’m going to say this counts!  Sarah, thank you again for interviewing me.

    father75== Pops, Happy Father’s Day, 75 times over!

  4. 4
    CaroleM says:

    In a previous life I was a merchant of death (a tobacco sales rep), and it was common knowledge that in any respectable recession three things sell like crazy: cigarettes, booze and romance novels.

    Possbily all three to the same person.

    problem58: there’s no way to smoke 58 cigarettes at the same time, while balancing 58 martini’s, and keeping your place in 58 romance novels

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    hotel basel says:

    So i know that some people have links to other websites on their facebook groups. Right now I have them placed but they are solid black text that doesn’t link. They should be in blue right? How do I get the links to work? And yes this is the description and news part of the group.

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