Get Your Big Bag of Harlequin Swag!

After a weekend of commenting fun, it’s time to pick two winners of the Big Bag of Harlequin Swag. And yes, I totally stand corrected, that the gentleman in the red serge is NOT a mountie. My bad. I don’t know how the giant furry hat didn’t tip me off. I was distracted by the twinkling orbs of gas mask man, I suppose!

So here are the random integers:


Which means the winners are Christine McKay and Lil’ Deviant!! Email me (sarah @ with your mailing info, and I and the Post Office shall do the dance as old as time (that’s the REAL dance as old as time, where the post office folks take my credit card and do a really fine version of the Boot Scootin’ Boogie). Hooray and thanks for playing, folks. 

And harlequin – did you see all those requests for coffee table books, note pads, swag, and general items of purchase? Might be time for you to do that dance with, you know, me and everyone who commented. A Gold Mine: You Has One.


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    Keira says:

    Congrats on swag winnings!

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