Friday Videos Crave Crispbread

Thanks to Lang who sent me a link to this one:

Wasa bread is so on my shopping list this weekend.


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Sandra D says:

    Yet more proof that Europeans are way cooler than us stuffy North Americans lol.

    *toddles off singing What What in the Butt*

  2. 2
    Randi says:

    Verrrrrry entertaining!

    *joins Sandra D in singing What What in the Butt*

  3. 3
    tracykitn says:

    I think I have a recipe somewhere for that kind of bread….it’s been on my list of stuff I want to try to make sometime. I think it just hit up near the top!

  4. 4
    Tina C. says:

    I loved the audience cheering “One more time!” and the emcee throwing more bread to the guy who broke one of his (and he caught it without flashing anyone!)

    That just made me grin.  Thanks Lang and Sarah!

  5. 5
    Sarah W says:

    Um . . . anyone know where this group rehearses?

    No reason, just, you know, asking . . .

  6. 6
    Flo says:


    *cackles and watches again*

  7. 7

    Sally Rand would get a kick out of this modern male version of fan dancing.  And that catch of the extra cracker was so well done.  I was in tears watching, I was laughing so hard.  Ahh, if we could only have this type of talent here.

    fire82 ~ well, there’s definitely fire

  8. 8
    Carin says:

    Oh, thank you!  What a great laugh.  Best part – they got voted back.  What will their next dance be???

  9. 9
    Liz says:

    omg!  i laughed so hard that i am still crying.  that was the best thing i have seen in months!

  10. 10
    Jojo says:

    Wow, that’s great.  So much talent.

  11. 11
    DS says:

    Well, at last I understand the reason for wasa bread.  I thought it tasted too much like Styrofoam to be a real foodstuff.

  12. 12
    Betsy says:

    Ooh la la!  Probably just because I go to a women’s college, but that was WAY too much fun towatch…

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