Malle Vallik on Authors and Web 2.0

Over at Romancing the Blog, Malle Vallik, the Oracle of eBook is writing a series of articles about “how and why authors should embrace web 2.0:”

An author’s most valuable resource is time. New media offers you a number of tools to best utilize your time for book promotion.

I hear that! Vallik points out that the lit-match-on-dry-brush speed of news spreading in the online romance community is one indication of exactly HOW fast and how wide information can reach others using 2.0 networks. From good news about romance to #amazonfail and amazon rank, we are exceptionally connected, some of us, and using that connection seems an obvious solution for book promotion. Yet, as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, the hard sell does not work: in most interaction online, authenticity and generosity are our currency.

So how do you make that work for you? Tune in to Malle’s series to find out how she thinks Web 2.0 can help you, and everyone else at the same time. I

After all, she is the Oracle of eBook. Being all-knowing comes with the title.


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