IASPR: Erecting a Mast on the SS. Academic Scholar Ship

I’m a few days tardy on this announcement, which makes me a really crappy board member, but as said board member, I invite you to join IASPR, which is the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance.

Or, I Am Sereeus Profssur uf Romanze.

You can join online at the IASPR website. Since the collaborative scholarship that focuses on the genre has revealed a lot more of the critical elements at work within the genre, encouraging and fostering that development is a good thing.

Plus, to kick things off with fun and romance, Eric Selinger is having a fundraiser: donate $2 and name your favorite romance couple. Eric is matching up to $250.00, and so far, they’ve raised a hunka-hunka burning cash-type love. Woo!

So welcome to IASPR, and bring on the SS Scholar Ship. I can only hope there are pirates.

Things to ponder: much as I fear task forces and anything that resembles a committee, what should Sarah F put me to work on? Cover art curation? Footnotes? Ooh, ooh – hideous Power Point presentations?! I could be really good at that. Comic Sans means everyone takes you more seriously, right? Right.


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  1. 1
    Kristq says:

    heh heh, you said “erecting”…

    srsly, I’m totally joining!

  2. 2
    Sarah Frantz says:

    Come on down, Kristq! We can’t wait to have you! It’s pretty exciting times getting IASPR off the ground.

    We’ll be having a members forum on our website when we launch that in the middle of June.

    And we’ve got SB Sarah on our Board of Directors! What more could you want?! She can Direct us! ;)

  3. 3

    Ah yes. I can imagine the Board at the Brisbane conference, being led onto the stage by Sarah holding aloft a black flag with the IASPR logo on it.

  4. 4

    Can I sing “For I am the Pirate King”? 

    Hey, thanks for posting this, Sarah!  This evening (Monday) the fundraiser will have run for a week, so we’ll announce totals, etc., over at Teach Me Tonight.  If you haven’t donated or joined yet, do it today so that you can get in on the festivities!  (And twist my arm for those matching funds.)

  5. 5
    lustyreader says:

    between “erecting” in the title and the lolcatz SB style i had no chance of keeping my giggles to myself

  6. 6

    Comic Sans means everyone takes you more seriously, right? Right.

    Oh yes, PLEASE use Comic Sans! It is the most awesomest font EVAH!

    (Thanks for the info and link on IASPR.)

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