Brenda Novak Auction: Bang a Gong, It is On

The 2009 Brenda Novak Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research is on. This year’s goal $300,000.00.

First day total money raised? $42,222.00 That is some big money – and I bet the goal is in reach by 15 May.

The items offered are amazing, as usual, from from once-in-a-lifetime experiences like trips and vacations or a night in Inn Boonsboro, Nora Roberts’ romance-themed bed and breakfast in Boonsboro, Maryland (trust me, it’s so worth the trip).

Dear Author donated an adspace, and we have two items on the auction as well: the middle column adpsace currently occupied by the Bosoms, and an author interview, conducted by yours truly, with topics and date of posting totally flexible and open.

There’s also books, critiques, classes, jewelry and incredibly creative items offered as well – so bid early, bid often. Mad props to Brenda Novak and crew for yet another amazing online auction.


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  1. 1
    AnonyMiss says:

    You may want to add a link to the home page of the auction. I know, I know – you gots nothing better to do.

  2. 2
    Elise Logan says:

    And the raffles. Don’t forget the raffles.


  3. 3
    job says:

    Several authors are offering to name a walk-on character in their next book after the winning bidder.  How cool is that?

  4. 4
    Sandra D says:

    I was just looking through some of the items up for offer and holy crap what a lot of awesome stuff!

  5. 5
    SonomaLass says:

    Thanks for the reminder!  I want to get some bids in early this year!

  6. 6
    Silver James says:

    So many awesome items and some of them are still real bargains! FYI, the first day total was behind last year’s. Hopefully, people got busy over the weekend and started bidding! There’s something for everyone there! I challenge each Bitch to win the bid on at least one item this year!

  7. 7
    KellyMaher says:

    I have to plug the basket I put together for this because I knitted the winner a scarf. A really cool scarf. Red and lacy. Too keep you warm while waiting for your honey wearing nothing but the scarf and matching red fishnet stockings. Damn, should have thought about getting red fishnets for the basket.

    Kelly’s basket: Make Life Spicy!
    Photo of the scarf

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