We are #1! In Movements! and Periods!

Behold, there is great rejoicing, as Beyond Heaving Bosoms is now #1 in “Movements and Periods” on Amazon.com, edging out both J. R. Ward and Charles Dickens.

I didn’t think we’d move up from our solid and heavy position as #2, and #2 is certainly a respectable position. Many a baseball player, for example, likes it in the 2 hole. Many a batter finds the #2 position comfortable and tends to linger there awhile.

But let’s be honest: reaching the streaming apex of #1 is something to be very, very proud of.

OK. I’m done now.


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    That was an excellent how-to make something highly commendable sound a tad shady. Way to go, Sarah. :)

  2. 2
    Sasha says:

    Cool! Do you know when the release will be for the Philippines?! I want a copy! More! Exclamation! Points!!!

  3. 3
    Robin says:

    Last night, your overall sales rank was at #472!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    Rebecca says:

    But, your book (first of your ouvre) also seems to be 1st in
    #1 in     Books > Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Sociology > Culture

    #1 in     Books > Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Gender Studies

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