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Candy and I are about to embark on a Hella Big Blog Tour, but before that starts, I was asked to do an interview by someone who actually knows me and who has his own niche blog. While we talk hot pink, romance and heuristic discussions of man-titty over here, Sean talks about Pittsburgh sports (we’re both from Pixburg), free burritos, and Kevin Pittsnogle. So when Sean asked if he could interview me, I figured, hell yeah! Sean is one of the genuinely nicest guys I know – the type of guy who is a perfect hero, romance or otherwise.

That said, Sean, as of today, you’re in 3rd place and I’m in 10th in our rotisserie league. Watch out, dude, we coming after you.

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    PK says:

    That was an awesome interview and WTF??? Is everyone from Pittsburgh funny?  Myabe it’s the water, lol.  Thanks for sharing and I’m on my way back to leave a comment for Sean.

  2. 2
    Sean says:

    This Sean sounds like an awesome guy! I also agree with PK in that he seems funny.

    Thanks for the link and good luck to you and Candy on the tour!

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