Saturday Videos Offer You More on the Bosoms

I finally watched myself on the Simon & Schuster webpage, as the video wouldn’t load while I was traveling and using a slower connection. If you’re curious what more I could possibly have to say about Beyond Heaving Bosoms, have a look:

Also, that sweater? I love that sweater. But I bought it from JC Penney and it came with this giant white logo tag for “American something or other” with a big honking eagle on the bottom hem. I spent about 45 minutes painstakingly ripping the stitches one by one so that stupid tag could be removed. Question: does that make my sweater pirated? Did I strip it’s DRM? Or just it’s identifying and annoying logo?

Either way, I refer to that sweater as “the DRM pirate sweater.” And that is probably more than you wanted to know about my wardrobe.


Friday Videos

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