Sarah and the Granny Panties

Used to be we confined ourselves mostly to the hot pink Bitchery HQ. But not this week. Take cover Arizona!

Sarah is over at the Granny Panty Chronicles talking with Karin Gillespie about respect, bosoms, and cliches. My favorite part:

What are some cliches in romance novels you hope to never encounter again?

Can we stop with the “It’s ok for me to mistreat you because I love you and know what’s best for you, even if I’m actually hurting you in the meantime?” Oh, and the plot acrobatics that establish some form of virginity for a heroine. It is ok for women to have sex. Really.




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    catie says:

    Double damn! Why didn’t somebody tell me women having sex was okay sooner?  :) According to a gynie I once visited, women have to be married in order to get it on—and no, I’m totally not making that up.

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    AQ says:

    I want the calling of or thinking of the female as a slut but then finding out she’s a virgin and can’t be a slut to be banished from the romance genre.

    First of all, I object. Anyone who called me a slut or who I thought believed I was a slut, especially one who was the male equivalent of said slut would be shown the door like yesterday.

    Second, you never forget words like that. Never.

    Third, if he said or did it once, it’ll be back like a bad bone of contention during your next fight.

    Fourth, virginity to prove innocence is like such lazy writing and considering that most romance novels that use this trick seem to kinda ya know get it wrong medically it makes me want to scream.

    Fifth, saddlebacking anyone? Or maybe just some oral? I’m still typically a virgin right?

    Six… LOL I’m out.

    Sorry, I was trying for top 10 and like ran out. sniff sniff I guess I’m just not as clever as the Bitches and their top 10 lists… sniff sniff

    Of course I ran out for a couple of your book. B&N. Literature & Fiction section. I asked for Beyond Heaving Bosoms. The nice young man looked at me a little confused—I had to repeat myself because I had frog voice—went to his computer, then smiled broadly and said oh, the smart bitches book. He even walked me over to find it since the computer said it could be in multiple locations. He was right with his guess of Fiction. Not Romance but Fiction. LOL

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    SB Sarah says:

    Could there be anything better than a bookstore employee saying, “Oh, the smart bitches book.”

    I may swoon. I may have to go find myself shelved next to Eudora Welty or HG Wells this afternoon at the Borders on 59th and Park.

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