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In case you needed a more compelling reason than Heaving Bosoms and my reading from the Choose Your Own Man-Titty Paranormal Section for tonight’s erotica festivities at In the Flesh, there is a crucial and key reason you should think about making the journey on down to the Happy Endings Lounge.

My mother in law is planning to attend.

I shit you not. Watch Sarah burst into epic flame with a major case of the OMGWTF as she reads from The Licking Fucking Sucking Dripping Drumming Darkness. In front of her mother in law. The embarrassment may be felt in seismic waves all the way in Portland, Oregon.


General Bitching...

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  1. 1
    Barb Ferrer says:

    Oh, as they say, dear.

    Sweetie, I know you’re a wine sort of girl, but now may be the time to break out the hard liquor.

  2. 2
    sara says:

    HOLY SHIT. I am so angry that I’m going to be trapped at work all damn night!

  3. 3
    Charlene says:

    At least she’ll know her dear, darling son is happy.

    done99 – I can think of 99 things I’d rather do than that.

  4. 4
    ev says:


  5. 5
    Lisa Hendrix says:

    You have my deepest sympathies in your time of wtfitude.

  6. 6
    RfP says:

    Stand tall.  Read loudly.  Enunciate clearly.  That way all that could possibly bother her is… er.

  7. 7
    Mel L. says:

    This sounds so interesting! I moving to NYC in a month, so I can’t attend this reading, but I want to catch one soon.
    Can anyone suggest some fun smart bitch-like activities in “The City?”

  8. 8
    ev says:

    So how did it go???

  9. 9
    Sarah W. says:

    When my MIL moved in a year or so ago, I worried about what she might think about the kinds of books I read (and have all over the house). . . until I spotted a couple of my most graphic favorites on her nightstand.  And she asked if they’d written anything else . . .

    Course, I’m not reading stuff aloud to her, but at least I’m not afraid to recommend them to her anymore without doing the caveat dance:  “Read this, but skip pages 45-51, 114 to 120, all of chapter ten . . . and for the love of all that is holy, please don’t ask me about that slang term on page 145.”

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