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    Nev says:


    Just came to say that you, Sarah, and your partner-in-crime Candy, are BRRRRRILLIANT!!  I stumbled onto your site by pure chance two days ago and man am I glad I did.  I’m still chuckling at your Cassie Edwards reviews (never even heard of her ‘til now and have been suitably forewarned about her ::cough:: WRITING).

    Oh God, but that threesome-with-two-guys and the “F—king your ass. Saving your life” one?  Holy mother of God, the laughs…
    (And for f—k’s sake, what the hell kind of book is THAT?!  Hahahahah.)

    I am so enamoured with your site that it inspired my latest blog entry (in which I’ve linked you appropriately, natch).

    Thank you for this snarkerrific site and look forward to snatching up a copy of your book (kick-ass title, by the by :D).

    All the very best!!

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