Ahoy: A Giveaway at Yonder Blog!

Joanne Rendell asked to interview me about romance and the economy, and the future of the genre in a recession. What could be more fun to talk about than books and money, right? If you leave a comment over there (NOT HERE) you can be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Beyond Heaving Bosoms.

Rendell is also going to be writing on her Huffington Post blog about the Love as the Practice of Freedom? Conference at Princeton last Friday. When I have a link to that, I’ll post it here. She was one of the lucky folks who attended the conference, and I’m sure she’ll have something way savvy to say about it.

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    Sushi says:

    Yay a contest! I never win but still. Congrats on a very well done interview.

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    The conference gets a mention on Huff Post? w00t!! Any other media outlets that publicized beforehand or wrote an account after the event?

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