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I’m back in the States, full of the bread of oppression and taking a breather between Seder I: Yum! and Seder II: Electric Bugaloo, Still Yum! I don’t have a whole mess of time on the computer, but here’s a brief list:

Item the first: Candy and I are going to be heading to radio studios in our respective locales (me in Connecticut, and Candy in Portland) to tape NPR’s All Things Considered Weekend Edition. I am told that it’ll air

Sunday 12 April

Saturday 11 April, so tune in or head over to their podcast to hear the rare and always snort-worthy experience of Candy and I breaking international law and talking to one another about Smart Bitches, the book, and whatever else comes up. Heh. Comes up.

Item the second: I see from my Holy Crap Inbox that I have many images of Bosom sightings, so stay tuned. I’ll be uploading them to the Gallery O’Awesome very soon. I have them. I just have to find more than 10 minutes online to format and upload them.

In the meantime: I am so excited that you are so excited and your literary Bosoms are taking rides on motorcycles and being stuck to the ceiling on top of Jon Bon Jovi’s groin. Jersey represent!

Item the finally: we are still #2 in Movements & Periods. J. R. Ward continues to kick our Bosoms, but I am still hopeful. Or, hopefhuhlh. Hhh.


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  1. 1
    Sandia says:

    oh I gotta remember to listen this weekend!!

  2. 2

    I’ve seen you at #1.  Don’t have the screen captcha thing, though.

  3. 3
    library addict says:

    Will your appearence on the Steven & Chris show be available to view on-line?

  4. 4
    ev says:

    being stuck to the ceiling on top of Jon Bon Jovi’s groin. Jersey represent!

    I was aiming for the man-titty! Honest!!

  5. 5
    DS says:

    You can listen to All Things Considered on line as well (and they also keep shows around for a while.  Anyone who misses it can check it out here:

  6. 6
    Crystal says:

    I’m so excited!  The sexy UPS man delivered my copy of Heaving Bosoms today!  I laughed so hard diet coke just about came out of my nose!  Thanks ladies!

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