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$1 Orbit Title: Boo Yah!

imageIt’s $1.00 Orbit Time! This month’s pick is Brian Ruckley’s Winterbirth.

Can I say again how much I love this idea? A $1 ebook each month to showcase a series or a hot author? Way to go Orbit, and mad props to Hachette.


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    Malin E says:

    Orbit would be a lot more awesome if they still allowed non-Americans to download the $1 E-book. I was able to download the Brent Weeks book, but the month after, I was just told that I live in the wrong part of the world. Europeans read E-books too, why should we be discriminated against with cheap offers?

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    Jessica G. says:

    I also love this promo. I haven’t read the two that I’ve bought yet, but if I like them I will buy the rest of each series. I’ve trolled around the Sony bestsellers and you usually see the sequels of the promo books at least in the top 50.

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    Jessica says:

    Winterbirth is the first in a good new fantasy series.  Epic, but on the darker side like George RR Martin, but not as big or as long.  It really is only a trilogy and takes place in a fairly small (for fantasy) world.  I’d recommend it to any one who really likes epic or traditional fantasy.

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