Lady Jane’s Salon

The Lady Jane Salon is a fascinating concept because it’s a live in-person collaborative promotion of the genre, as well as individual authors. But since each session isn’t about one particular author, the opportunity for community promotion is higher than any one author’s work. If romance blogs were located in real-life, Lady Jane’s Salon would be it. And since the furniture is sculpted red velvet with fringed lampshades, it’s a very savvy, possibly lush blog community indeed. And there’s a bar. Hooray.

Lauren Willig is reading tonight, but Jenna Petersen’s flight from Atlanta was canceled, so Leanna Renee Heiber will be reading from Petersen’s book.

A reporter from the NY Post will be here, as well as the new “web-dude” from RT – and even though it’s about 11 degrees outside, people arriving are very excited. And red. But I think that’s a combination of the lighting and the bar. Which is open. Excuse me.

I’ll be periodically updating this entry this evening so stay tuned.

ETA: The New York Post has arrived, along with a long, strong camera lens. I’m sure their pics will be better than mine. Excellent that LJSalon is getting more exposure.

I’m talking with Jerrica Knight Catania and her husband Eric sat down next to me, poor souls. Jerrica just released a short story in an anthology from Second Wind Press, and her husband is an Apple consultant. I’m abusing him about why Apple hasn’t released a mini computer (I’m using my HP Mini) and he agrees with me that it would be a hot seller (ok, to me it would). But he says they only want to ship a product that represents the quality of the Apple brand, and they didn’t think could that at the mini-pc price point.

Woe. I has it.

ETA: We’re beginning, with Ron Hogan emceeing, but my battery is woeful, as is my wireless card. So tune into the Twitter feed to see more updates.

But first: the NY Post reporter is recording us on her Flip video. Is this going to be a video report? I am confused.

OK – over to the Twitter feed. See you over there.


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  1. 1
    Angela James says:

    Am. So. Jealous.

  2. 2
    rebyj says:

    Thanks for twittering during the reading, with pictures no less!Loved the one with her on sofa w/ champagne.

  3. 3
    Sara Lindsey says:

    Hi Sarah!
    It was great to meet you tonight & I look forward to hearing your MC skillz (yes, with a “z”) next month!
    Sara (with no “h”) Lindsey

  4. 4
    Cori says:

    I wonder if the Flip Video is the new pocket recorder, so the reporter can get audio and video to refresh themselves while they write. The sound on the Flip is not so good though, so I don’t know.

  5. 5
    Kwana says:

    So cool that The Post was there. I guess they are trying to be a better paper and you sat next to Jerrica. She’s so sweet! Sorry to have missed it. What a fun even Lady Jane is.

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