Inspired by a comment from Felicia Day on Twitter, I present my first ever eBook LOL.



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    detante says:


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    rebyj says:

    That does deserve a LOL !
    I fold the covers over at the dr office or something if the cover is bad . I SO need an e -reader!!

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    Kaye says:

    LOL indeed. Nice!

  4. 4

    Love it! Love Felicia Day too. :)

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  6. 6

    LOL!  Awesome!  :D

  7. 7
    Alexandra says:

    That’s what I love about my iPhone! eReader has an app for it, so I can read all my books with trashy covers on my phone with no one the wiser!

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  9. 9
    Cat Marsters says:

    Yes, but then why are ebook covers so embarrassing?

    (she says smugly, having recently scored a gorgeous one)

  10. 10
    David Nygren says:

    Ha!  Though I’d so love someday to see an ebook reader with a cover flap that somehow DID display the cover art…always a great advertisement for books, esp. on public transportation.

  11. 11
    JD says:

    Well you could always use this skin on your Kindle 2

  12. 12
    Jessica G. says:

    Sony had an ad similar to this that said “Read hundreds of romance novels…and no one will see the covers.”

    I really want a copy of that poster…

  13. 13
    Jessa Slade says:

    I’d take a built-in 3D holographic projector to reproduce the man titty of my choice in fully flexed glory. I’m sure the iPhone folks are working on it.

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