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Ebook Deals a-Plenty!

There are a heaping pile of eBook deals and freebies available this week, so get your USB or wireless cable ready and start grabbing. First:

pleasure_unbound_ban3f431f Warner Forever is offering Larissa Ione’s book, Pleasure Unbound, for $1.00 during the month of March. This special should be available wherever ebooks are sold. (Note that Hachette does not control which retailers choose to pick up this offer, only that they make it available). 

Larissa has two other releases to watch for: Desire Unchained will be available 3/1/09 and Passion Unleashed will be available 4/1/09. 

Other Hachette specials this month include a buy-one-get-one and extra content.

  • To celebrate the new Carrie Vaughn titles that came out back to back, if you buy either of the titles Dead Man’s Hand (Book #5) and Kitty Raises Hell (Book #6), you can get the other free during March.
  • Also, if you buy the diet book, Engine 2 Diet, you get 12 extra recipes with the ebook.  (Once again, extra recipes and extra content force me to ponder the use of an ebook reader as a kitchen recipe device. Hmmm.)

The links for the $1.00 special are as follows: Pleasure Unbound Larissa Ione – Available for $1 for 2 months

Orbit $1 Promotion:  Empress By Karen Miller

Plus, unrelated to the awesome pile of ebooks from Hachette, one Bitchery reader alerted me to a free eBook on eHarlequin: Triple Threat, a Blaze written by Jennifer LaBreque, is free, baby, free in all available formats, though not, it seems, for the Kindle.



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  1. 1
    ev says:

    I already freaking bought the kitty books. In Feb. that sucks big time.

  2. 2
    courtney S. says:

    Ravenous Romance also has a great deal on right now.
    For every 25.00 gift card you purchase they will give you another on for 25.00 free. It’s like a two for one!

  3. 3
    Dawn says:

    Hey Sarah,

    this is my favorite new program at the library. I am in heaven. I have walked in to the library and pulled the latest books fresh off the shelf, dvds too.
    I will let the library describe books to go

  4. 4
    Sandia says:

    Bah – that sucks for those of us that bought the Kitty books already :(  Doesn’t matter though, I would have both them with or without the specials :)

  5. 5
    Has says:

    I definitely recommend Larissa Ione’s Pleasure Unbound- that was a great find last year and I already have the followup in my hands.

  6. 6
    GoneNova says:

    At eHarlequin they also have The Amazon’s Curse for free.

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