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Greetings from Tools of Change. I’m in a ballroom with a few hundred people, 90% of whom are on laptops, and 85% of whom are on IM chatting with people. I’d be willing to bet that at least 65% of that 85% are chatting with the person sitting next to them.

Let me see if Angie is on IM. She’s right here. Angie? Angie?

I walked in to the middle of the keynote, but as of right now, I’m being told that digital words can be described by other words and can be joined across books and linked with data. Holy cow. No wonder everyone is chatting.

Today I plan on finding out of a giant XKCD stick figure hand reaches down to pluck Cory Doctorow off the stage during his keynote. I want to attend a panel on the 21st century book party, and check out the exhibit hall to see how many devices I can test drive. And then I’m presenting with Angela, Kassia Krozser, and Malle Vallik the powerful idea that Smart Women Read eBooks.

Angie and I are now doing the pee pee dance because it was just announced that the new version of the Expresso printing machine is in the exhibit hall. Think we can put it in our purses and head out?

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  1. 1
    Madd says:

    Oh noes! My worlds are colliding!! XKCD reference on Smart Bitches!!! What next? A Girl and her Fed? Anders Loves Maria? A Softer World? Questionable Content?

    < insert wet splatty brain popping noise here >

  2. 2
    Carolan Ivey says:

    Expresso printing machine

    A combination espresso machine and printer? Genius!! ;)

  3. 3
    Madd says:

    A combination espresso machine and printer?

    You know what’s sad? The first time I heard of it I thought. An expresso machine that prints? There can’t be much of a market for that. It took me a minute to forehead slap the duh out.

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