The Smart Bitch Videomo Contest: The Winner!

Seriously, this was agonizing. Candy and I have to thank each of you who worked your asses off creating some holy shit hilarious videos, from live action heroines and parodies to slick animation and incredibly clever puns. Well played, y’all, well played.

You are awesome. So choosing between you guys was tough. Points were assigned to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place selections and the judges let me know their selections for each spot. Then we added in your poll results from this week. And in the end, the scores were close, but the winner was obvious.

So without further ado (or any ado at all) here are the winners of the Smart Bitches Trashy Books Videomo Contest.

Honorable mention I. Major props and mad ups go to Lecarie.

Special bonus awesome for “It’s not just a book. It’s an experience.”

Honorable mention II (Electric Bugaloo) to AnonyMiss Mirandy, for great animation, music, and funny-funny.

Technically, there wasn’t a prize for third place, but the scores were so close I had to add it. Third prize will receive an iPod skin with The Ladies (iPod classic, iPod Touch or iPhone) and a portion of the people’s ovation and fame forever.

Third Place: SadieLoree!

Slick, alluring music, and funny. Well played!


Second place receives a $50 gift certificate to, an iPod skin (iPhone, iTouch or iPod classic) featuring The Ladies, and a sizable portion of the people’s ovation and fame forever.

Second Place: SummersWindow!

Despite difficult audio quality, the striking Heroine’s Local was hilarious. “Isabel has had amnesia so many times, it’s become permanent! Workman’s Comp doesn’t cover that!” It’s long, but it’s screamingly funny.

And for big winner, the first place Videomo creator wins a $100 gift certificate to, a laptop skin featuring The Ladies, and the people’s ovation and fame forever.

Plus, the lucky winner gets to choose between an Amazon Kindle or a Red Sony Reader, the latter brought to you by the fine and alluring people at Sony.

First Place: Lindseywfu!

A totally hilarious effort, with the Power of Lurrrrrve. Thank you to all who entered, and congrats to the winners.


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  1. 1
    Amanda says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Well done, everybody!

  2. 2
    rebyj says:

    Congrats Lindseywfu!

    All the winners,  all the entries were superb and fun as heck!

    * applause*

  3. 3

    w00t! Lindsey! Yay! Yay! Yay!

  4. 4
    Anony Miss says:

    Oh, I am blushing to be included in such exalted company! Mazal tov to your winningnesses.

  5. 5
    Elyssa Papa says:

    Congrats Lindsey and to everyone else!

  6. 6
    sadieloree says:

    Thank you!! You are so sweet for adding a third prize! Everyone made fantastic videos! Congrats to all!!

  7. 7
    Lynne says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

    I am also excited that my favorite won!  You all did a great job!

  8. 8
    Julie Leto says:

    Yeah!  The Day the Romance World Stood Still cracked me up every time I saw it.  Congrats to ALL the winners…thank you for much procrastination time!

  9. 9
    ev says:

    Great job everyone!

    Go Leslie!!

  10. 10
    Stelly says:

    Congrats to all the winners!  Those videos were great!

  11. 11
    Silver James says:

    Leslie’s DH cracks me up every time! Congrats to all the winners!

  12. 12

    Hooray for Lindsey! She did a brilliant job. The whole contest was a hoot. Loved watching the videos. Such funny and creative stuff! The viking still cracks me up.


  13. 13
    Jill Monroe says:

    These were so much fun to watch!  Congrats to all the winners!

  14. 14
    Shelley says:


    Great job everybody.  I sat here and laughed maniacally the whole time!!  Thank God nobody was home except for the cats and they already know I’m totally crazy.

  15. 15

    Way to go, Lindsey! You so deserve this!

    All these videos were great.  Really fun and funny.  Congratulations to everyone.  Every new book should come into the world with this much good will.

  16. 16
    Lindsey says:

    Holy heaving bosoms, bitches! I’m thrilled and honored, especially up against so many fun and creative entries. Congrats to the other winners and to everyone who participated. Putting videos together is hard work (don’t I know it!) so cheers to all of you for using your mad videomo skillz to help spread the word about BHB!

    Many, many thanks to Sarah & Candy, as well as the other judges, for this great opportunity and super fun contest. And for superior swag! I hope the video will do its part to make BHB a breakout success.

    And I may be the video’s entrant, but this was clearly a collaborative win. HUGE thanks and congrats to Diana Holquist, Kristan Higgins, Elizabeth Hoyt, Susan Andersen, Leslie Kelly, Ellen Hartman, Toni Blake, and Rachel Gibson. I lurrrrve you guys! And as they have generously insisted I take all the tangible prizes, I must insist they get the people’s fame and ovation (and book purchases) forever. These ladies rock.

    Let’s hear it for The Power of Lurrrrrve! (as the music plays me off the stage…)

  17. 17
    Shreela says:

    Uh, ok, hmm…

  18. 18
    S. W. Vaughn says:

    That. Was. Awesome!

    All the winners and finalists were awesome. Heck, all the entries were great! Kudos and cookies all around. :-)

    Easy to see why Lindsey’s entry took first place. It’s hilarious, and it’s just plain fun! Congrats, everyone. :-)

  19. 19
    Leslie Kelly says:

    Oh COOL! Congratulations Lindsey—fun fun fun!

    Wow, nice to be on the winning side for a change. I just got back after losing again and again at the blackjack tables in Atlantic City, so I definitely am happy to end the weekend on an up note.

  20. 20
    Bruce Kelly says:

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest. This is a great collection of videos. Kudos to the day the romance world stood still gang. Ladies, you are awesome and I thank you for letting me participate with my impromptu walk-on role.

    SB’s I wish you great luck with your book. I can’t wait to read it.

  21. 21
    Diana says:

    Congratulations, Lindsey!

  22. 22
    Carolan Ivey says:

    LINDSEEEEEEEY!! [wild hugs and kisses]

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