Romance and Zombies: The Winner!

The random blockbuster generator yielded some outrageously fun entries. It has difficult to pick the winner.

But I put on my big girl panties and… did whatever you do with big girl panties on. Like pick winners!

First: Honorable Mentions go to:

DS: for The Grand Sophy with suspicious carbuncles!

Why did her carbuncles eye her askew?  They seemed to doubt her good intentions.

Rebyj: It Had To Be You With Hostile Dragons

Phoebe and Dan’s love is tested during the off season game against the women of The View.  Sponsered by Climara.

and Dark Lover with Space Traveling Elves

Beth’s “needing” attracts more than just Wrath’s mhassive mhan sauhsage. Will the BDB survive horny crotch sized enemies with pointy ears?

Amanda for Dreaming of You with Vexed Alchemists

Along with the Sara’s spectacles, Derek hides within his coat the secret for turning mediocre drama into publishing gold. Vexed alchemists revolt.

MzSpell for Outlander with Hormonal Pixies

If time-traveling and falling for a Scottish insurgent weren’t enough, now Claire faces pixies with PMS.  Do they have chocolate in 1740’s Scotland?

And the winner for the $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon (or the bookstore of the winner’s choice):

Gwynnyd for Kiss of a Demon King with pole-dancing goblins

Cherry took any dancing gig she could get to pay her way through Law School, but the Demon King’s pole was not what she expected.

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  1. 1
    BrutallyHonestBabes says:

    Oh, man!  Those are fan-freakin’-tastic!

  2. 2
    rebyj says:

    Congrats winners!!
    I love these contests , everyones so funny!!

  3. 3
    Val Pearson says:

    Congrats guys!

  4. 4
    Gwynnyd says:

    OMG!  Woohoo! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to spend my gift certificate.

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