Friday Videos Steal Your Time - and Make You Cry

Book CoverFirst, Neil Gaiman reading The Graveyard Book, one chapter at each stop of his book took last fall.

You can, as Miri did, lose an entire day listening, but what good listening it is.

If that didn’t rock your world, have some Hoff.

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:ff5be985-301b-40f1-b470-2d7539ea9683&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from= SB_en-us_entertainment_officialhasselhoff&#038;" target="_new" title="Don&#39;t Hassel the Hoff">Video: Don&#39;t Hassel the Hoff</a>

And, to break your heart and make you cry (well, I did) an Australian fire fighter gives water to a thirsty koala in the middle of a burnt out forest.

[Thanks to Leslie Kelly for the link.


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  1. 1
    Babs says:

    I so *heart* Neil Gaiman—you have made my day!

  2. 2
    Silver James says:

    Awwwww. Just…awwwwww. And a major *gigglesnort*!

  3. 3
    joykenn says:

    I saw that photo of the koala getting a drink and was amazed.  I understood that as cute and cuddly as they look they are very bear-like in temperament and not very friendly or easy to tame.  I figured it must be pretty bad off to accept someone getting close and actually touching its paw.  Poor thing!

    Everything I hear on the news (I watch the BBC.) is awful.  To the Australian readers, my heart goes out to you all!  The whole country must be mourning.  AND, my thoughts this morning are with the planeload of folks who didn’t make it in to Buffalo.  I’m afraid to watch the news—if it isn’t the economy, its some awful tragedy.  Coming on the heels of the miraculous escape of the plane that downed in the Hudson, this is particularly sad.

  4. 4
    rebyj says:

    I wish I had sound on my stupid antique puter grrr. Anyway I watched without sound.

      Fire fighters are the same all over the globe , takes a special kind of person to go into that work and in the case of those awful fires in Australia I imagine drizzling that little bit of water to ease that poor animal made him feel better than pouring thousands of gallons on those frustrating massive fires.

  5. 5
    Wendy says:

    Ah.  My favorite things.  Neil Gaiman and wildlife rescue.  :)  I got to see/hear Neil read the last part of this book in October.  *le sigh*  Easily one of my favorite things he’s written to date.

    Rebyj: I’m with you.  It must have been just a little soothing to help the koala when fighting the big fires must be such an uphill battle. 

    I just always want to tear off to all parts of the globe and help animals when there are “natural” disasters.  I’ve got my vaccines.  Somebody lemme at ‘em! (Though I doubt squirrels and raccoons are much to prepare me for koalas and wallabies.)

  6. 6
    SonomaLass says:

    The koala picture was in our local paper the other day; it made me go “awwww.”  Maybe I need to read some firefighter romance.  It would be a change from all the Nancy Drew reading I’ve been doing (for an academic project, but still nice and nostalgic).

    Neil Gaiman.  Wow.  I could indeed waste most of the day with that, and perhaps I will.

  7. 7

    Oh god, that poor little bear.  Honestly, and this probably says something about me, that could have been a fireman giving water to a lost and bewildered human child, and I probably would not have been as moved as I was.  But it’s a cute little bear, so… BRB, crying until I am dead.

  8. 8
    Courtney S says:

    Dammit Sarah, I was trying to be all bad ass and not cry. Didn’t work. One shot of that poor little guy huddled in those burnt out trees and Niagra Falls.

  9. 9
    KatherineB says:

    Thank gods for that Neil Gaiman link…saved my ass from listening to yet another Terry Pratchett e-book. Not that I don’t love Sir Terry, but I needed a change.
    Now I can do my projects with Mr Gaiman speaking huskily in my aural passages. Grin.

  10. 10
    ev says:

    I cry every time I see that video.

  11. 11
    ev says:

    I just saw where Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have donated 300K to the Red Cross to help out with all the devestation.

    Nice going guys!

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