DA BWAHA - Last Call!

imageJane and I are finalizing the slate of nominees for DA BWAHA 2008, where 64 books enter the bracket, readers and authors alike compete for mad prizes, and one book emerges victorious.

The categories are as follows:

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
Erotic Romance

The books nominated must be published in 2008, first printing (paperback reprints of older books are not eligible). Self published books are not eligible. Please tell us what books should make the slate of 64 by emailing us at dabwaha@gmail.com.

Nominations are due by 25 February 2009. Last call—you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

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    Marcy Arbitman says:

    I sent a nomination, but the addy was incorrect. I will post it here. Please take the nomination. The book was fabulous!

    Hi ladies,

    I review for JERR. I read one of the best books EVER (first book written
    by this author) and gave it a Gold Star Award. Here is the info:

    Faith & Fidelity
    book/story author: Tere Michaels
    review by: Marcy Arbitman

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