ARRC Bushfire Silent Auction: Donations Requested

I received an email from a very sleep-deprived Juleigh, who alerted me that she needed more coffee (I hear you) and that a silent auction has been created for this coming weekend’s Australian Romance Readers Convention. Aside from piles of signed books, critiques, and other clever prizes—one lucky winner will go see Chris Isaak in concert in Melbourne, Australia, with author Alison Stuart.

The silent auction was organized by Stephanie Laurens and the conference Organising Committee in the last few days following the Victoria Bushfires that have killed over 200 people. 100% of everything raised from the silent auctions is going to the official Red Cross Bush Fire appeal.

We’re donating a Smart Bitches laptop skin and an interview on this here hot pink website. If you have anything you’d like to donate to the auction, I don’t think the actual items have to be on site in time for the conference. If any other author or business would like to donate an item for the silent auction, please contact either Juleigh Start, the Author Liaison, or Margaret Mason, the Chairperson. There’s more details and a complete list of donors so far at the conference website.

Good on ya, Aussies. Hope you raise a ton of money.

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    rebyj says:

    What a great idea! I hope it raises lots of money too, it’s a great cause.

  2. 2
    Juleigh says:

    Big thanks to Sarah for putting this up for us, and for being able to read and follow my emails from yesterday! A week of sleep deprivation and fire watch is fun, not. (To the unnamed manufacturer who makes my favourite Indulgence coffee, you guys are lifesavers!)… For those sending donations, don’t worry about getting things to us before this weekend, we only need a pic of what you’re sending for the A4 sheet for your item at the silent auction. We’ll make arrangements next week to either ship things to our convention mailing address or directly to the winners. Another huge thanks to those who’ve sent us emails already!!

    the slightly less fatigued one

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