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Book CoverThe weblog world, sometimes called the “blogosphere,” which makes me twitch, has a lot of awards. Sometimes, we get nominated for them, which is way freaking awesome. While I absolutely adore it when the awesomeness that is the Bitchery nominates us for any and all awards, I don’t pay attention to a lot of them. Some are huge, some are bizarre, and some are just hilarious. But sometimes, being nominated for one of those awards launches a person’s blog from “Hey a few people read me?” to “Major corporations want to underwrite my entire life? Really?” status.

Take, for example, Suzanne McMinn’s blog, Chickens in the Road. McMinn is a Silhouette author, and her blog was nominated in the rather kingmaking category of “Best Kept Secret” in the 2009 Bloggies. It’s not a secret for long, really. Having a romance writer’s blog (which isn’t just about her books but her books are definitely a part of the site) nominated in an award like the Bloggies brings some positive attention to the very interesting, intelligent, and long-dismissed population of women (and men) who write romance. And that definitely should no longer be kept a secret.


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    MamaNice says:

    Cool for her! I never even heard of the Bloggies until the other day because a site I recently became addicted to (aside from the SB’s of course) Confessions of Pioneer Woman (if I had an idol, she’d probably be it) is nominated for plethora of those things.

  2. 2
    galletas says:

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

    Just wanted to link everyone to a book that I’m looking forward to. I thought others here might find it amusing. :)

  3. 3
    Delia says:

    Galletas, someone at work told me about that and I am just as excited as you are about it.

    Spam word: came72.  Are these words intentional?  I’ve never gotten an innocent one like “guitar” or “flamingo”.

  4. 4
    kalafudra says:

    You think flamingo is innocent?


  5. 5

    Very awesome!  And I didn’t even know that Suzanne was blogging!  Always like seeing a romance author doing a great job in the blogosph—um …on the internets.

  6. 6
    Amie Stuart says:

    I love that she blogs about her life in the country…and COOKING! heeh

  7. 7
    Julie Cohen says:

    I love Suzanne’s blog.  That woman has some talent.  It’s great to see a romance writer’s blog up there.

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