Ellora’s Cave Sues Borders

Ellora’s Cave parent company Jasmine-Jade Enterprises has filed suit against Borders to the tune of $1mm US, alleging that “churning,” or “ordering more books than one plans to sell in order to create a credit balance when those books are returned” is crippling them and the publishing industry as a whole.  If anyone can dish and explain the legal end, it’s Jane at DearAuthor, but I have one small question:

Once upon a time, I heard rumors that Borders was mighty displeased with the E of the Cave, and I wonder: is this suit a preemptive strike?

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    Leila Brown says:

    WOW and……. WOW!

  2. 2
    Kris Eton says:

    I seem to recall that one claim from Triskelion was that Borders was one of the main reasons they had to file for bankruptcy. They were owed money for sales and were never paid.

    Anyone else remember that?

    I also think there were other publishers who had the same complaint.

  3. 3
    DS says:

    Borders has the headline but this looks like the deep pockers:

    (Jasmine-Jade has also filed a lawsuit against distribution company Baker & Taylor, accusing the distribution company of “conspiring” with Borders, which used B&T;to return the unsold Ellora’s Cave and Cerridwen inventory.)

    I can’t imagine those nice Scottish folds doing anything like that

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    J.C. Wilder says:

    The owner of Trisk (pronounced tsk tsk) claimed Borders owed them 50k and it is one of the reasons they went under. Of course she also paid herself 50k at the same time…

    Personally I think they went under because the owner was a fucktard.

  5. 5
    Suze says:

    Was the 50k her annual salary, or her going-under bonus?  Because 50K really is not a huge annual salary, fucktard or not.

  6. 6
    Danielle says:

    Wow this is interesting information.

  7. 7

    Heads up, guys…someone is stealing your feed and putting ads on it. Just remove the spaces from the URL to see.

    www .romancingtrashynovels .com/ellora’s-cave-sues-borders/

    Meanwhile, I am intrigued that EC would choose to do this when Borders has no assets. Bwuh?

  8. 8
    J.C. Wilder says:

    50k was what the owner paid herself in the last four months as the company was going under. Considering many of her authors were never paid – that is a huge salary to make on someone else’s back.

  9. 9
    sadieloree says:

    Borders just replaced its CEO. There are many more reasons for this than publicly claimed. Though I still believe EC is jumping the gun.


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